Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist Church

Today, June 9, additions to the prayer list:  Lola Dennis, Jesse Mills, Jerry Lee, Ronnie Atchison, storm victims, our country, and upcoming Vacation Bible School (VBS).

Upcoming Events:  VBS starts June 17th-with family night on June 23rd with a meal after a short presentation.  June 16- all fathers will receive a pie to celebrate Father’s Day.  June 1-30 Sister Lois Flageolle will collect money from church members for Relay for Life.  The new playground should be here by next week.  Mike Housley announced that last Sunday was a big success with the Stanley Jones Singers and a great lunch.  Ninety-two attended the singing.  Other thank you cards were read by Shelby Moore from Paul and Sherry McIntosh and the Stanley Jones family.

Today’s birthdays were:  Mary Beck and Bernice Peterson.  Children’s special by Aspen and Eva Housley.  Special by Jamie Guilliams.

Morning’s special:  Youth Roundup Play to get children excited about attending Vacation Bible School.  Those participating in the play:  Bernice Price, Monte Housley, Pat Moore, Virginia Serghides, Shelby Moore, Helen Batten, Sandy Housley, and Lois Flageolle.

Children’s church with Helen Batten today.

Sermon by Bro. Rick Batten from Ecclesiastes 9:10-11 and James 4.  “Life is certainly short.  Do your work now, don’t procrastinate.  If you put off spiritual things, you will miss out.  Try to accomplish your goals, and then if you go to the nursing home later, you will have lots of interesting stories to tell.  Everyone should get out and do things for the Lord.  Ecclesiastes 9:11- The race is not to the swift.  Time and chance will happen to them all.  Whether we like the surprises in life or not, we get what we get.  God has made life like this, and it can be interesting.  Adventures and surprises are the Spice of Life.  We should smile more and rejoice in the day the Lord has made.  When we get out of bed, God has given us the opportunity to live another day.  Life should be fun.  We don’t know what is coming our way; challenges, opportunities, experiences, etc. but we should be thankful for our blessings.  He gave great examples of life opportunities: technology, daily happenings that make great stories later, his life when he was overseas in the military, etc.”  Bro. Rick said, “Take advantage of opportunities.  When you hit the grave, it is too late. Live your life, know the Lord, and remember God has blessed us with so much”.

Visitors are always welcome.  Questions:  Bro. Rick Batten 683-5657 or 417- 250-0918.