Quad Cities

6-10-13. Hello again. It is a nice, bright sunshiney day here, but we’re supposed to have rain and storms later today. We were supposed to have it last night as well, but never did get here. That’s just fine and dandy. We may be in the season now where they keep predicting rain, but it doesn’t get here. We need a period like that.

Still some farmers haven’t planted some of their fields. They usually have more than one field to plant and not always right together. Sometimes they’re renting fields from other people. As is the case of the field right in front of my house. That farmer has been renting it from my landlord for as long as I can remember.

Someone told me they have the road closed just north of here where the bridge goes over the Cedar River at Rochester. They think the bridge is moving and I guess it could be where it has flooded so much and maybe washing out from where it stands underneath the water. They had a landslide in Davenport last week and I don’t think I ever heard of that in the Q.C.A. before.

Mona Stephens called her dad, Walt, to let him know she made it back home to Ozark, MO. okay and then they talked on the phone again yesterday. I haven’t talked to anyone for awhile except for texts and of course, you don’t’ say a whole lot on those, but it’s a lot cheaper for me to use texting than to talk on either one of my phones. I think I will try to get set up with one of the cells where you get unlimited calls and texts for so much a month and try it without my landline after I move and see how that works out. I very seldom use my landline anymore anyway. And I’ll have to change the number when I move. One way or another I’m going to get out of here before winter. There’s no telling how long it will be before they have an opening in the Senior apartments so I called some other apartments in Tipton that  I never have noticed before and the land lady there is gonna try to get me in one of those before September 1st. That’s when this landlord would like for me to be out of here. He wants to raze this before he goes to Florida for winter hibernation. I can’t hardly wait to move. That’s a nice place and will be like living in the country. I hate to leave the birds and animals here, but I’m sure there will be more up there and we’re getting two bedrooms, downstairs or ground level, brick building so we’ll feel a little safer when it storms if we don’t have a place to go and I gotta tell you one more thing, the city has planted two big, long plots with gardens and anybody can get the veggies that want them. Anybody who lives in Tipton. So we will have some fresh garden food this summer. Well, it’s Monday as usual and we’re going to Tipton, as usual, and I’m not ready, as usual, so I better say, take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.