Quad Cities

6-2-13. Dear Folks: I have to double check to see if I got the right date, because of the way it goes so fast. God please help the people in Oklahoma who had all that storm damage and especially the ones who lost loved ones. My heart aches for them and also the ones with the flooding so bad in different parts of our ocuntry and also the ones in California where the terrible wildfires are. The last news I heard on that said the fires had tripled in size. When I was in Northern California it was June, all the grass was dead and brown. It’s that way every year. That was north of Santa Rosa and the last time I was there the fires were burning in NapaValley and it was full of smoke, when we went through by the south end of it. It’s such a beautiful place with all the grapes growing and roses growing on the fences and those beautiful wineries. They look like big mansion like houses.

It’s been flooding a lot around here. It’s been raining almost every day for a long time. We’ll get about two days without rain and then it starts again. A lot of the fields haven’t been plowed yet and the ones that have been plowed and planted are growing, but I’m afraid all the water will kill the roots. I hope not. Our road just starts drying up a little and then it rains and fills it up again. Of course that’s just a minor thing. The mother coon dug a new hole over the corner of the porch. I think she may be in the loft of the porch. I told Walt to just let her stay in there because if she can’t go in there she will dig another hole and so far it’s not leaking in the kitchen yet. Well that old mother coon that has caused us so many problems is gonna get a big surprise when she comes back to get in her den she’s made up there and it’s all gone, or even worse (for her) if she’s in there when the house comes tumbling down. Ha, ha, ha. And so will the bats in the attic and eaves of the house. The coons and the bats will be sleeping because the house will be torn down right after I move. I hope I can come back and film and take pics of the bats and coons and whatever else might be in there as they come flying and scrambling out. I hope the baby coons are big enough to get out because I don’t really want them to die. I almost (but not quite) wouldn’t mind if the bats got scared to death. This is the first time I’ve ever lived any where where bats got in the house. They sure have caused me a lot of misery in the 20 years I’ve lived here. Chasing them until I finally learned all I have to do is open the door and they go right out. Regretfully, the birds will be surprised when their feeders and houses are gone. I will miss them. The little wrens have built a nest in the birdhouse hanging on the porch for three years now. They sure are cute to watch. Maybe I can think of something to hang in the tree that won’t get ruined by the weather.

I think I’ll be moving pretty soon now. I have to get busy and get everything ready to move. We want out before winter for sure and the landlord told me last week that he would like for me to be out by September 1st. He said, “It can’t be good for you living there.” I told him I knew it wasn’t and we had planned to move before winter. I looked in the phone book and saw some apartments that I hadn’t seen before so I called and talked to the lady. She was really nice and told me to come up and get papers to fill out. She’s only there on Monday and Thursday so we’re going to take them back today and talk to her and find out more. She said there will be a two bedroom on the ground floor available July 1st so we’re gonna find out about it. It’s really a nice place. Nice brick buildings and look like it would be ideal for us. So keep your fingers crossed that we can get it, I would appreciate it.

The weather will be nice today and tomorrow then more rain after that. Walt’s daughter, Mona Stephens from Ozark, MO. is spending a few days in the Quad Cities with her daughter, Candi Allison, and her fiance, Jarred Williams. She came out here one day to visit. We went to Tipton for lunch and showed her where both units of apartments where I have my name on the list and the new ones we’re looking at. I sure hope I can take some of my flowers, but I will have to find out about that and other things.

On Saturday there was a reunion type cookout at the city park in Silvis, Il. There was a heavy mist earlier on our way up there and then it was really nice after that. There was a lot of people I didn’t know. Robert Allison of East Moline was there as well as his good friend, Jim Brewer, who has moved to Seymour, MO. Robert had taken his camper down to Seymour for him and Mona brought Robert back up here. Jim is a truck driver and he and Robert have been friends since they were in school. Then there was Mona from Ozark, MO., her daughter, Candi Allison and Jarred Williams, Walt Bob Allison, yours truly, Faye Twitty, Norma Cook “Cookie” from East Moline, IL. I thought I remembered her from Ava High School in Ava, MO. She said she graduated in 1958 the same as me. I had been wanting a chance to talk to her and see if she was the same one and if she remembere me. She didn’t remember me. So I’m going to send her pics of how I looked then an a pic of the school reunion I attended a few years ago. She sure is nice and her mother was too. Her mother passed several months ago at age 91. Her mother’s sister Bobbie Burris was there. She was formerly married to Bob Newberry. I had met her once before somewhere. She is a nice lady too. I think Cookie’s son with the last name of Pierce was there. Cookie was married to Bill Pierce at one time. She said she has three daughters too (or maybe she said 4). I know at least one of her daughters was there. Walt’s cousin, Eddie Burris’ wife, Sue Skinner, Burris was there with their son. Eddie Burris was Bobbie Burri’s brother. So I guess Bobbie is Walt’s cousin as well. Also attending were Richard Holman who was born and raised in Douglas County. He said his dad was Frank Holmna and Jackie Home is his cousin. He’s an auctioneer there in Illinois. His wife is from Missouri. Then there were probably over 40 more people who I never did find out who they were. Everyone seemed to have a good time with plenty of food to eat and people to visit with.

Daughter, Anita, has been sick with sinus infection and her dad has been sick with upper respritory infection.

Norma Cook has been having some serious health problems so if you have room in your prayers, please pray for her. It’s Monday and time to get ready to go to Tipton, so take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.