A few weeks ago, you may have noticed that I hinted at friend and neighbor, Sharon Shannon that she might be a great author for this report. I was so pleased that she read that hint and was pleased to be asked to do so. Although, I have enjoyed writing this report for many years, I have been asked to report for my church (Elkland Independent Methodist) each week and I was hoping to be able to hand this report to a caring and supportive neighbor. I am so pleased that Sharon will be the new Olga reporter beginning next week.


It seems like yesterday that I first sat down to write this report about a small area of Webster County that had seemed to be forgotten by many, except for those who reside in and around this community. In 2009, our family relocated to the Olga community. We were excited to see Kindall Store open its doors once more and become the social center that it was in my youth. I have so many fond memories of Corda Kindall and time spent there as a youngster. When I was a teenager, I even stayed there with her a few times. It thrilled my heart to see my grandchildren decide to take on the adventure of re-opening the store and to see our great granddaughter grow up in its aisles. I really enjoyed working there as well and the store became a huge part of our lives.

Through this report and the store, we have welcomed so many new friends into our hearts. Neighbors have become like extended family members and we have valued each of those cherished relationships. We enjoyed each music gathering at the store, old fashioned ice cream socials, neighborhood watch gathering and time just spent in conversation around the stores historic counter. These are special times that this reporter will never forget and will forever cherish.

A few years later, when the grand kids decided to sale the business to Charley Brindley, we were excited to see the store continue its historic tradition. On any given day, you can still drive by and see the front area filled with cars as neighbors and visitors gather for another day to enjoy the history of Kindall Store, the true heartbeat of the Olga community.

On the 120th anniversary of Olga, I watched as so many longtime friends and neighbors gathered on the grounds of the store to remember old times. Several local one room school’s reunited and it was so much fun to watch them all enjoy fellowship and the old fashioned games (pie eating, etc.). It was then that I realized just how important it had been to re-open the store. When it closed after Corda Kindall’s death in the early 1990’s, a piece of our history and heritage had gone with it.


Therefore, writing this column has been a continuation of keeping Olga and its history and people alive to the world. I appreciate you for welcoming me into your home each week, just sharing with friends about items that have affected the lives in this area. It was hard for me to decide to discontinue writing for you each week. However, as we have grown older, it seems that we are always on the move and I wanted someone who could collect the news in Olga a little easier than I can. It will be much easier for me to write the church report each week, as all the information will be easier for me to gather in one location and I love to share the love of our Lord with others.

You readers have enriched my life and touched my heart.  I appreciate you for sharing with me and for making Olga a featured Webster County community once more. God Bless you all and I know you will enjoy Sharon and her great personality. I thank her from the bottom of my heart as well.

Always remember, if you are ever in this area, stop by Olga and sit awhile. Enjoy the tranquility of the country and the sweet aroma of the wildflowers as the breeze gently blows through your hair. Sit on the porch of Kindall Store and enjoy an old fashioned soda pop and a ice cream and relive a simpler time in life, when we all had time to sit back and enjoy the blessings of our heavenly Father. You are always welcome to visit Olga, may our community always feel like home to you. Signing off with my final report from the hills and hollers of Olga, Missouri.