Little Creek

I spent the Sabbath by going to services with my church family. Some were absent because of  vacations but we had a good lesson and a very good sermon from St. Luke and Psalms. I appreciated the special by Burr and it was a song I never get tired of hearing. I’ve never heard anyone sing it except Burr.

Then I came home for dinner with my family. We always miss Kim and wish she lived closer.

Lorene, I got your sweet letter and Ruth I’m sorry I missed your call. I took a nap after everyone left and rested and so I felt like going to church services in Ava at Church of the Living God. One of our own, Burl Conrad, preached his first sermon and we went in support of Burl. He preached from the Bible and delivered a sermon as if he were a veteran preacher and we appreciated being in church with many friends not often seen.

I was happy Burl told of being converted and baptized under Mark’s ministry. Mark would be overjoyed to know that Burl and Burr are going about the Lord’s business. Praises to the Lord.

Larry Warrick came by last week and then came back again bringing me turnips. Kasey cooked them for dinner yesterday and he cooked them to my liking. I am seeing more and more of Kasey’s cooking is like mine. So I see he paid attention.

Charlie came bringing radishes twice last week.

And Tim and Wendy Thompson and Kasey came one evening and I appreciated Wendy working so long to get my computer working. They are looking forward to the birth of their first grandchild.

I wish a happy 83rd birthday to Charlie. His celebration will be Wednesday, June 26th.

Jim and Jean Frye had dinner with Danny and Jamie and Rusty and Autum Sunday. Autum was down spending a lot of time riding her horse. She went with us to church and was happy to get to visit a short time with her good friend, Jace. I think she was surprised. They are usually together at club when they spend the day on or in Little Creek. Those two get along really well, and now she knows where Jace goes to church.

Karen and Greg visited with Mom, Norma, one day. Dylan is spending the summer with his Dad, and enjoys visiting his grandmother. Dylan has grown so tall and is a good lookin’ kid.

Kasey was at Greg’s one day and they went fishing Saturday.