Little Creek

It suddenly dawned on me that it was Monday and time to gather my thoughts together and to greet everyone from Little Creek.

It has been a good week and we have much to thank our Master for, first for letting the storm pass us by and for the good over four inches of rainfall He sent our way.

We must pray often for those who were devastated by the tornadoes. I’ve never heard a person who has been interviewed on t.v. who didn’t give thanks to the Lord for their safety. We must be prayed up folks before a storm hits so that we’ll be ready when called whether it be by storm or some other way. Life is uncertain and fragile and of one thing we can be certain, He is in charge.

Kasey came and spent the night with me. I told him he didn’t need to be in a trailer home during storm warnings and he said I didn’t need to be alone so it worked out good for both of us.

The kids all came for dinner here Sunday after church. I prepared the meatloaf and Karen and Kasey came to cook it and to make the rest of dinner. Kasey had a large pan of wilted lettuce from his garden and he made cornbread, which is a must with wilted lettuce. Karen and Ruth brought dessert and we had a very good dinner and time together. I think they decided to do this again next Sunday. We miss Kim and J.J. and family, but with gas prices what they are and the “far piece” they’d have to travel, I can understand.

It was good to be in church with nieces, Katrice and Robyn. They both promised material for my book. I appreciate Betty and Lynda in Harrison, Arkansas and Lorene in Ava for your pages. I gave Jamie my first pages to have her start typing.

Please anyone who has lived in the Ozarks and especially our little neck of the woods and who has anything to be included send it to me at 369 Co. Rd. 867, Wasola, MO 65773.

Hello to Avis Johnson in Apache, Arizona. I got your letter and haven’t sent a reply, but since you get the Herald I’ll take this means to say I appreciate it. I appreciate your interest and your material. I’ll be in touch.

We had Bill Coats and Glen Dale Robertson with us in church Sunday. They represent the Gideons and do wonderul things for the saving of lost souls. They sang and played music and Bill brought the message.

There are many on our prayer list. So many are in need of prayer.

Charlie came Sunday evening bringing me a sack of poke greens, enough to freeze.

Burr and Ruth have had the grandkids recently.

Kevin came and spent part of one afternoon with me before he had to leave out on the truck.

He was coming into St. Louis just as the storm was approaching. He said he had to wade water up to his knees when he got there to open the gate. He called at 12:30 that night and reported that he was all right and headed back home. We had been tracking the storm via t.v. and very worried knowing Kevin was there and then very relieved when he called home safe.

I’ve been enjoying River’s column and very happy she’s writing for us again.

I can’t find anyone home today to get their news, so I will write more next week.