Hello everyone out there, its been a while, so we will hit the high spots like they grade the road. Only they said they would be back next week and the next week they whizzed through and never came back, but I have arrived.

My sister, Sybil has been a very sick lady and we thank God for bringing her out of her sickness. Due to health problems and a fall in the hospital, she went through surgery. She is not out of the woods yet. She needs your prayers very much. Her family needs it as they care for her also. Glad she is out of the hospital.

Sue Rozell said at church Sunday night that her aunt said she didn’t buy green bananas anymore. Subject was on age. James and I talk more about doing or buying something and her we are getting up in years. Haven’t got done or bought what we want so she has got a point on the green bananas.

Danny Herd will have surgery later on.

Jerry Hall had a massive stroke, but is showing some improvement. Joe Blevins is home from a four-wheeling accident. They hope the ribs will heal without surgery.

Donald Potter is back home. And Teena Johnson all need prayer as well as their family who goes through it with them. Also remember Daisy Matthews who is very ill.

The garden looks pretty good for such an odd season. Lettuce, radishes and onions have done good. Potatoes finally got out of the ground. The beans are just so so. We lost two tomato plants, but rest look good.

Fishing has been slow as we have been going very little. James had ear surgery on both ears. Thankful for the good results.

Ervin and Sandra Maggard and daughter, Valerie Austin visited Iona Maggard. Phyllis Bloomer also visited her.

Saturday night we enjoyed a person visiting us. When people come to talk about things (that bother them) I don’t print their name.

Tuesday was election day and several were unhappy to have money spent on it. Carol served pizza. Tina had a salad, Rex, Carol’s grandson, had strawberry and angel food cake. I took assorted chips and candy. Also Carol had coffee and donuts. The day went pretty good.

Monday after working in th garden, James and I went to Ava. I had Dale Thomas and Fae Pruett on my mind. Iona Maggard called and said Fae fell and broke her leg. We went by and visited Aunt Dale and son, Howard. We had a good visit. We were talking about Stillings Cemetery. Howard has his stone set and someone put a flower on. I told I would print that he is still alive. He said he just had a pulled muscle, but nice someone thought enough to put a flower by the stone. We had a good laugh. Get-well wishes Fae, we love you.

Hay season is in full blast and more hay bales this year due to the good rain.

Sunday 55 was at Garrison Church. Starting Thursday Melany Stevens will be teaching on the book of Daniel. All ladies welcome.

Bible school starts July 15th. We would love to have you join us.

Remember Ethan Hutchinson Memorial June 22.

What a surprise Monday evening, Jerry and Donna Loveland stopped by. I went to the door and I didn’t know Jerry. I first thought, “who is that? I thought, does he live around here or lost? Then I seen Donna and it registered. I believe retirement and time off from pastoring made him look younger. They both look great. I sure enjoyed the visit. Boulders was so rough they went back around the mountain.

Have a good weekend.