Happy Home Church

Our morning service began with Bro. Gregg greeting all with a good morning. Sister Juanita prayed for a good day in the Lord. We had prayer requests for our church, our families, many who are ill, Vacation Bible School, each other and many more unspoken. Bro. Gregg led in prayer. We had the pledges to the flags and to the Bible. We sang for Jesus and gathered our Sunday school gifts for the Lord with Bro. Gregg leading in prayer.

Naomi was the Sunday school leader and she began with prayer. Our lesson was found in Hosea 1:1-3:5. It was a very good lesson. We had class comments and discussion.

We sang for the Lord. The choir was in good voice. Singing the good hymns really gets you in the mood for the morning message. We gathered our gifts for the Lord and Bro. Gregg led in prayer. We had specials from Sister Juanita and Sister Diane. We had some little ones to sing and that is always a joy.

Bro. Gregg began with prayer and then brought the message from several scriptures. It was a good message from the Lord. We closed with a song and was dismissed in prayer from Sister Patsy.

Our evening service began with our prayer circle which was good in size. It is always a blessing when we have a full circle across the front of the church. We had a circle of prayer following the many prayer requests with Bro. Gregg closing the circle with prayer. We sang for the Lord and had specials from Sister Peggy, Sister Juanita and the little ones. Bro. Gregg prayed and brought the message from sevral scriptures. It was a good message and a good day in the Lord. Bro. Dee dismissed us with prayer.

Everyone is excited about Bible school which begins Monday night at 6:00 p.m. The workers have put in a lot of work to get ready for the children. It will be the first one at Happy Home in along time. I am sure God will bless it all.

Have a great week, keep God in your heart and you will be blessed.