Happy Home Church

Our morning service opened with Bro. Gregg welcoming everyone. We had our pledges to the flags and to the Bible. Our prayer requests were many. Prayer was led by Sister Juanita. We sang for Jesus and gave our Sunday school gifts for the Lord with Bro. Gregg asking the Lord to bless them. Bro. Bob was our leader in Sunday school and the lesson covered the book of Joel. It was a very good lesson. We sang Happy Birthday to several young ones. Our church is growing and I can’t learn their names fast enough. Please forgive me. The children gathered up our Coins For Christ.

We sang for the Lord. The choir was in good voice. It is such a joyful time when  we sing for Jesus and enjoy the hymns so much and to see the favorite songs come forth. You can really tell this as they arerequesting them on the way up to sing. It is just a joyful time in the Lord. We gave our gifts to the Lord with Bro. Gregg leading in prayer. We had some specials. Sister Carla let us know how successful the Vacation Bible School was. God really blessed it.

Bro. Gregg prayed and brought the morning message. He used two verses from God’s word, II Timothy 1:13 and Psalms 138:2. A good message from the Lord. We closed with a song and dismissed in prayer by Sister Peggy.

We had a very large prayer circle to begin our evening service. Many prayer requests. Prayer was led by Sister Sharron. We sang for the Lord and then we got to see a little bit of what took place in Bible school. Two of the teachers, Sister Diane and Bro. Lyndon and several children performed a song with hand signs and all that went with it. Great job!! After they finished Bro. Gregg talked about the Bible school. We had several saved during the week of Bible school. All in all we were richly blessed. Bro. Gregg had a short message and we were dismissed with prayer by  Bro. Gregg.

Remember the singing at Skyline Full Gospel Church Friday night, May 14th at 7:00 p.m.

We will be having dinner after the service, Sunday, May 16th and a baptizing to follow. You are welcome to join us.

Have a great week, keep God in your heart and you will be blessed.