A beautiful day for June 3rd, but was a little chilly here this morning. I had 50 degrees this morning. All told I emptied 4-1/2 inches of rain from my gauge.

All the cemeteries looked so pretty last weekend. Annie and I went up to Pleasant Home to their benefit last Saturday. We also went to the Hurst, Luellen, Denlow and Evans Cemeteries.

Andy and Sharlene Daugherty of Grovespring visited me on last Sunday evening. They brought me my supper, fish and coleslaw. Their grandson, Derek Davis, played with the Hartville ball team that did so good.

Get-well wishes to Bill Emery who has been in the hospital for over a week. Sharon Driskell went with Bev Sunday to see him and he was doing much better.

Also my deepest sympathy to Joyce Lee in the loss of her husband, Billy. He was buried at Ozark last Saturday.

Tracy came over Thursday and took me to Mountain Grove for my protime and also to the eye doctor, I have scar tissue on my right eye and will have to go to Springfield and have it removed.

I set some cucumber plants out yesterday so guess I’ll go out and check them. I’m having problems with animals digging my plants up.

Since this is June here are the birthdays I can think of: Carter Chambers the 13th, Debbie Hutchison the 17th, Don Moss the 18th, Isabell Bradshaw the 24th.

Until next time, take care and God bless.