Gentry News

Opening prayer for our morning service was by Doug Miller.

In our Sunday school class, we studied the aspects of worship by which we humbly commit ourselves to glorifying God.

Happy Anniversary wishes went out to Wanda and Dean Casady and birthday wishes went out to little Emma Leanne Terrill.

A gift was given out to Wyatt Young for attending Sunday school three months in a row.

Diane and Howard Graham have a new grandbaby, her name is Sadie Grace, daughter of Amber and Brandon Johnson.

Our special song was by a group of Narvil Tetrick, Janice and Delores Young, Diane Graham, Glenda Miller and Wendell Deo.

Many prayer requests were given and a special prayer was prayed for Kelly Huffman as he is having a lot of pain with his hip, legs and back.

Bro. Bob Huskey’s morning message “The Potters House” was from Jeremiah 18. We are so glad God didn’t throw the clay away. He always sees potential in us and wants to mold us, shape us and make us in His image. Don’t ever give up on praying for anybody.

In our evening service, our special songs were a group of Faye Allen, Wanda Casady, Charlotte Reich, Janice Young and Glenda Miller and a quartet of Bob Huskey, Charlotte Reich, Faye Allen and Wendell Deo.

Our sympathy went out to Dennis Shumate and family in the death of his father.

Bro. Huskey’s evening message was from Isaiah 43. When life deals you difficulties, the best place to be is the house of the Lord. The Bible tells us He will not forsake you. We need to face the future with commitment and confidence. Put on the armor of faith and face our battles with courage.