Faith Rock Church

Key verse to our Sunday school lesson was “God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ,” I Thess. 5:9. Our teacher Sis. Loretta Dewitt brought this lesson Sunday morning on Times of Wrath and Deliverance from Revelations and Daniel. I went to Arkansas with daughter, Teresa and granddaughter, Jordan, so I didn’t make it back in time for church Sunday and you always miss your own church family and we were gone three days and did go to church in Rogers, Arkansas Sunday morning at Cross Church Pinacle Hills. A mega church that was larger than James River, believe it or not. It was a good message and music, but we really have something special in Ava with our small churches. We need to hold on to what we have here. It’s better.

We had a nice time spending one day at Eureka Springs then two days at Bentonville enjoying where we stayed and our day at Crystal Bridges walking their many trails going through the beautiful museum of American Art. I enjoyed seeing the Thorncrown Glass Chapel again in Eureka. They have services and weddings there. Three weeks ago I went with my sister, Lorene and Don Byrd, to the Blanchard Springs Caverns, which is close to Reed Springs, Arkansas and I would recommend for anyone who hasn’t been there to go through caverns. It only cost $10 to go through and so beautiful only God could have made it. The road was terribly crooked driving there, but scenery was beautiful.

I want to wish a happy anniversary to our Pastors Bro. Benny Dewitt and Sis. Loretta Dewitt, Bro. Ralph and Sis. Jane Call, Bro. Gary and Sis. Mary Honeycutt and happy birthday to Sis. Ellie Doran, Sis. Kendra Young, Bro. Gary Honeycutt, Sis. Jessica Maggard, Sis. Barbara Strong, Sis. Susan Arndt and happy anniversary to Bro. Joe and Barbara Martin. June is quite a month for anniversaries and birthdays.

After granddaughter’s ballgame last night we went to the jam session at the Senior Center for the last half. I think they said 103 people were there, appreciate all the good talent that play for free and the food that people bring for snacks each Monday night is a good thing.

We have a real good Bible study on Tuesday night at 6 p.m. with Bro. Victor Murdy, who is also a great song leader and musician at Faith Rock. I would like for anyone who’s interested in the study of Revelation to come and take part in this study.

Our Sunday services are good always with lots of music and singing on Sunday night at 5 p.m. We have good Bible messages from pastors Bro. Benny and Sis. Loretta. You are always welcome.