Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

Good day to you on this warm and beautiful day that God has given to us. We have some sad news from our mountain, Miss Violet passed away. This is sad news only because she will really be missed by all of her family and her church family from here at Eastern Gate. On the other hand it is a glad day, because Miss Violet is now rejoicing in heaven with her Lord and Saviour. I know she is praising God and singing with the angels.

Donald was not able to be at church with us Sunday, so he had Ray Dobbs come and bring God’s word for us. It is always a blessing to hear him.

My son, Dustin, has been having quite a time with illness. He spent three days in the hospital and then turned around and went back in for pneumonia. I know God is answering some prayers for him, he has been one sick young man, but the last two days he has finally started showing some real improvement.

Tina Johnson still needs our prayers too. I know I could just sit here and keep naming people, but we are supposed to pray for each other.

I did read some good news in the paper last week and then Sunday Jerry was telling us that our Lacy and Kyle were married. Congratulations to this young couple.

Thru the grapevine I heard that the memorial for Ethan was very successful and they had a large turnout. I am so glad for them. We were going to go, but were at the hospital.

I don’t have a lot of news, but if Violet were here she would tell me to make sure and let you know, that she wants to see each and every one of you in heaven with her some day. So if you haven’t made your preparations yet now is the time.

Until next week, take care and God bless you all.