Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

Hello, to everyone from our mountain top. We have had some sunshine and rain, and the gardens are growing. I see the farmers cutting their hay.God is pouring his blessings down on us. Are we giving him the praise? The rain shower had washed away a few squash plants we had planted. We looked and found some old seed, so Roger went out and just planted them all. We didn’t think they would come up. They everyone came up. Now we should have plenty for everyone.

Our pastor, Donald, is doing better. Last week he came to church (even though everyone thought he should have been home in bed.) We were very glad to see him. Brother Jerry Inman brought the message from God. We enjoyed it very much. If you haven’t heard him, you need to. This week Donald was able to be back and preach for us.

Last week was our home coming at church. We had a large get-together, ate lunch and then a few stayed and sang some songs and did a testimony service. It was a good day.

This past Sunday was Father’s Day. I sang a song that my dad used to request me to sing some when I was young. The youth sang and Bud and I sang. We gave all the fathers candy and special gifts went to J.J. Downs for the youngest father: Jimmy Nelson for the oldest father: Jerry Inman for the father with the most kids; and Larry Hutchinson for the most kids and grandkids present. We thought there was a tie between him and Bud Hampton, but Tammy almost forgot to count herself. We gave Bud a gift also.

We need to wish a belated birthday to Donald’s twin brother, Ronald. I guess that means Donald had a birthday too, but he does like to try to keep it quiet. Happy, Happy Birthday, may God bless you.

We still have a lot on our prayer board. You don’t have to know all the names, God knows.

Till next week, keep praying and praising God.