Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

I hope you have not been washed away with all the rain we are receiving. It sure has cleaned out our creek and it looks so clear and pretty. The grandkids have been having so much fun playing in the water and catching crawdads. I remember my sons doing the exact same thing when they were young. Roger tells about him and his friend also playing in this same creek. The tradition carries on.

Sunday at church, Jon Mitchell preached both morning and night for us. His morning message was asking the question:What would you be able to tell someone if they questioned you about your belief in God and why you go to church. Really makes you stop and think, do you have the right answer that would show them that God is real and church is where they need to be. Sunday night Jon preached about praising God. Sometimes we do not give God praise for all the things He does for us. It is so easy to complain and ask for things. It is just as easy to remember that everything we have is because God gave it to us. Let’s give Him the praise and glory.

Our pastor Donald was in the hospital. He is home now, but still needs our prayers. Sybil Harvill, is also still in the hospital. Shirley said they are trying to get her house arranged so when she does get to come home it will be easier for her to get around. Tina Johnson still had doctor’s appointment, we need to remember her in our prayers. I am sure there are others I just can’t think of them at the moment.

We have a busy month here in June. Next week is our homecoming. I know we all like to get together and eat. We usually have a testimony service afterwards. We are taking the youth and young at heart skating the 15th, and Father’s Day is the 16th. Wow, sounds like we just planned away the whole month of June.

If you have no other plans, come join us at church. God invites you and so do we.