Dogwood Ramblings

Pet Peeve of the week:  Those who steal from the indigent, the disabled, from our Douglas County Workshop.  Apparently the supposed “needs” of these thieves, drugs, etc., is far more important to them than to respect the efforts of the disabled who work so hard to provide our community with safe disposal of items, and for those who run DOCO on such a low margin.  Much of the work they do is hard and dirty and needs to be appreciated.

Jeff Reeves again did a superb job helping me to make this place presentable.  He picked up a load of mulch from DOCO for me and we got it around many trees, and he trimmed some trees.  The mulch hinders weed growth and helps hold moisture in the ground.  Besides, it is pretty to see.  I’ve been told that Bob Wagner’s and my place look like roadside parks and Randy Dugan and Randy Boeddeker also keep their places mowed.  Most evenings I spend some time on my porch watching the hummingbirds, and the traffic zip by, few of them looking left or right.

Randy and Kim joined me for breakfast one day, and for dinner the next.  I hear from son Rory, who has been busy trying to keep the Fox Trotter grounds clean and neat.  With all the rain during the recent Fox Trotter show, many ruts were created there as well as trash that didn’t make it into a barrel.  My son Ryan is busy packing to leave California for Texas.  He is just one of many leaving that liberal state to find one with “hopefully” some common sense.  Son Randy checks on me just about every other day. This last week was filled with many contacts from family and friends by phone and e-mail.  Always appreciated!

I have absolutely no idea why Dogwood Ramblings wasn’t in last week’s paper.  No idea!  I sure goofed.  Phone calls and e-mails came to me wondering why it wasn’t printed, some saying they find my “take” on things interesting.  The fault has to be mine.  Age does some funny things to us for sure.  Oh well, with the extra time I did some more wood preservative work around here and read a couple of good books.  David Baldacci is an excellent writer of thrillers and I share books with others. If a book is really good, I can read it more than once.  I don’t read those books that are filled with activities banned in the Ten Commandments.

Marge Tettamble and family showed up at St. Leo’s on Sunday.  It has been many years since the Mike and Joan Tettamble family moved away from Ava where the kids went to school.  They particularly enjoyed visiting with Anita (Witt) Madche, the last of the Witt Family to live in Ava.

If you have any pets chained outside, make sure they have shade and plenty of fresh water.  Check on your elderly neighbors and make sure they have a way to cool off.  This heat can be dangerous.  Avoid the sun’s rays if you can.  Pray!