Dogwood Ramblings

Election Day was long for sure, but not as tedious or busy as some previous ones.  We enjoyed visiting with friends and neighbors, getting to catch up on local news.  Some people were just driving by and saw the “Vote Here” sign and came in, not even remembering the event, and some not realizing there was an election.  We judges pooled food for snacks and a good lunch and even topped off the afternoon with strawberry shortcake, and we appreciated the weather as we had the doors opened most of this day.

The previous day I mowed just the front yard as I had some other things to do to be ready for the election like cleaning the garage, etc. and, while I was noisily vacuuming, I heard Bob Wagner on his mower.  I didn’t look out, just assumed the dear man was mowing the ditches for me.  Well!!!  Bob mowed everything I hadn’t mowed and this place looked like a park when he was done.  When I went out to get the mail late in the afternoon I truly did a double-take at how nice everything was.  I appreciate  Bob!

An e-mail arrived here depicting posters from WW II, so that provided quite a trip back in time.  The posters were an excellent reminder of the America that used to be before political correctness (or whatever you want to call that self-serving political idiocy).  Whatever happened to respect for God’s name, to personal responsibility, to personal integrity and honesty, to responsibility and loyalty, to having a work ethic, to being proud of being an American?  When did common sense die?  From our highest offices we see disrespect for our country, our people, our flag, our Judeo/Christian religions, our past way of life.  We have been promised change and none of it has been good.

Jocelyn Downs came for a visit and it was great catching up on everything with one of my nearest neighbors.  She and Richard have been busy with their property, their jobs, their chickens, and the garden (and Jocelyn shared some eggs with me!)  What with working at school and continuing her education Jocelyn has her hands full for sure and she’ll have even less time for visiting once school resumes.

Jamey Herd came to vote and related that her health is still troublesome and finding time for the column and getting information to share isn’t easy.  She said it might be some while before she writes for us again.  Some of the folk coming here were wondering about the John Deere tractor stolen from this area.  Each had heard something about it but no one seemed to have all the details, just that someone loaded up the tractor on a trailer and took off.  All we can do is recommend you do not leave keys in any sort of vehicle and keep an eye out for neighbors and their property.  If some activity doesn’t look right, call the Sheriff’s Office.

Scott Lawson was down here from Wightman Air Base for the weekend.  He says the twins are doing real well in Cox ICU.  Emmett and Makenna have both gained weight and are each working up to 4#.  Their mommy, Julie, is staying at the Ronald McDonald house and spends hours with her babies.  Jeff Reeves dropped by for a couple of minutes.  He has been quite busy doing handyman jobs in this area.  Neighbor Troyce stopped in to say one of our calves was out.  The little bugger found his way back through the fence finally.  Grandson Nick and Sheila met me in Seymour one evening for Chinese food.  Always so good visiting with them.

The Fox Trotter show is over and as usual, they got a lot of rain, making for much mud, ruts and mess.  Quite a few young people at that show came for services at St. Leo’s on Sunday.

Gossip does NOT elevate you in the minds of the recipients.  Also, degrading and belittling others just depicts you as a mean and ungrateful person, not a friend, and perhaps worries them that you may be saying things about them behind their backs.  Not Christian behavior for sure.

Stay cool, watch for your elderly neighbors, and pray for all.

FROM THE DESK OF JAMEY HERD: Pleasant Ridge Baptist church is gearing up to have VBS July 10th through the 13th. There will be classes and activities for all ages. The theme is Hay Days and if you have school age children and are looking for a good Bible based teaching we invite you to attend. It will start at 6PM each evening.

We hope who ever broke into the storage building and stole the BBQ grill is enjoying it. Also beware of people casing the parking lot during Sunday school and Church and looking into car windows to probably look for something to steal. I hope other churches in the area will warn their congregation to lock their vehicles up.  A couple was caught doing so at Pleasant Ridge a week ago and left quickly.

I apologize for the lack of news from myself. Billy Joe suffered a gallbladder attack and spent three days in the hospital and had surgery. Then I had a TIA at church while playing the piano and spent two days in the hospital under observation. So neither one of us is up to par yet. We are both looking forward to feeling better.

Billy Joe’s cousin and wife from Kennewick, Washington came in last Monday and spent the night with us. They traveled on to Theodosia and are staying on the old Brown home place in an RV. They are building and will be moving back here soon. Wanda returned home today (Sunday) by plane as she cares for their mothers who are both 87 years old. She is looking for a place to rent around Theodosia or Gainesville till their house can be built. It has to be one level so if anyone knows of a place, give me a call.

The farmers are busy trying to get hay up between rains. It looks like we are headed into hotter dryer weather now. I think summer is finally getting here. Micky Harvill reports he seen some army worms in his hay fields. Billy Joe is going to attempt to start on our hay this week.

I treated out dogs for fleas and ticks but they still have fleas. So I will be paying the vet a visit soon for something else to treat them with. It seems the critters are going to be worse this year.

I wish everyone God’s Blessing. Till next time.