Dogwood Ramblings

Memorial Day turned out to be more than originally intended.  Randy & Kim were to join me for an afternoon meal.  It ended up with Randy’s son “Pooh” and his family joining us as well as Arlene and Reanna, ten altogether.  Good thing Randy had picked up some other food items.  We had a good visit and enjoyed the gift from Randy, a canopy/awning Randy and Pooh erected for me on the deck before our meal.  I can hardly believe the children.  After eating a huge meal they were out in the front yard running and running.  I could hardly move.  Ah, youth, how wonderful it is.

On the 28th I had four medical appointments in Springfield making for a very long day.  Good thing is that all the tests turned out as excellent.  Of course, the dentist had to “deaden” the lower right jaw after which I bit myself and didn’t even feel it at the time but very much so later on.  Such is life!  I did have a good meal at Zio’s, thanks to a gift card from Rory & Debbie.  Then, on Wednesday Jeff Reeves showed up and used the weed eater to make the back yard look like less of a jungle.  Also, Jeff applied wood preservative to the deck.  Jeff is such good help for this old lady and I truly appreciate him.

Good neighbor Bob Wagner mowed ditches for me as I mowed the yard, and with all this rain, it will need to be mowed again.  Hope I can get that done before the election. Bob & Dana Wagner came and helped further stabilize the awning on the deck.  Rex came by at the time and helped and then we all had a good visit (and Bob got to telling us some funny true stories!!)  I was mistaken about the election costing the counties – it will cost the whole state but of course, that includes our county, all we taxpayers.

So, did you get any rain Saturday?  The gauge here only holds 5” and overflowed.  The storm radio came on several times and it will wake you in the middle of the night (over and over again).  I had my safe place ready just in case and then laid there and prayed for all of you.

I mowed the yard again so it won’t look ragged for election.  Then Bob went out with his mower and did the ditches.  Such neighbors are few and far between.

Be well, and pray for this nation.