County Line

Donna Dodson came by on Monday.

Macee Breeding visited me on Tuesday evening.

Debra Reed of Kansas called me on Wednesday.

Donna, Quin Breeding, Mike Dodson, Chase and Bryse all went to Springfield on Thursday. Mike got five shots in his back.

Mike, Corrina and boys were in Clever, MO. Thursday through Sunday for Chase to play baseball.

Donna took me to town on Friday.

Danny Bushong of Hollister visited Johnnie and Debra Reed in Kansas over the weekend.

Donna and Reece Goforth met Terri Lawson Riley, Chloe and friend at the Ava Drug Saturday afternoon. Terri and the girls had been swimming at Vera Cruz.

Jo Stephens has not been feeling well.

Rheba Pool visited me on Sunday.

Megan Goforth spent Friday night with Regan Koop. Ben Koop and Keith Breeding took some of the kids fishing Saturday. They caught several and a sunburn.

Reece is attending Camp Piland this week as a helper.

Megan and Macee stayed Saturday night with David and Donna and attended church with them on Sunday.

Megan stayed Sunday night also.

Happy Birthday in July to Gabi Ayala of Kansas July 1st, Amy Iott of Ava July 3rd, Debra Reed of Kansas July 4th, Linda Rogers of Illinois July 5th, Grant Kearn of Kansas July 9th, Challa Watkins of Ava July 20th, and Dorothy Curtis of Drury July 25th. Ben would have been 82 July 26th.

Butch Davis mowed my yard Saturday. David Dodson put up a new storm window Saturday to replace one that was broke. Butch and Diana brought me some onions and lettuce Sunday.