County Line

My sympathy to the Betty Newberry and Daisy Matthews families. Also to Ann Martin of Illinois who lost her mother.

Donna Dodson, Megan Goforth and Macee Breeding were all here on Monday.

Donna went with Michael Dodson and Bryse to Springfield on Tuesday.

Lorene Robertson of Mansfield called me on Tuesday.

Donna, Megan, Quin and Macee took me to town on Friday.

Macee stayed with me Friday evening for awhile.

Bryse Dodson and Corrina Dodson went to Kansas City Friday until Sunday for Bryse and the Bad News Bears to play for state. They won 4 out of 5 games taking 3rd place. Mike and Chase went there on Sunday.

Jo Stephens and I went to the Riley-Hicks Reunion at Squires on Saturday. There was a big crowd there.

Those visiting John and Jo Stephens on Sunday for Father’s Day were Max and Kathy Stephens, Lisa Hensley and Jordan Hensley, Lana Stephens, Eric Stephens, Ralph and Jane Call, Richelle and Hunter Shelton.

Reece Goforth, Melanie and Donna all helped with the bake sale at Wal-Mart on Saturdy for the new high school age traveling soccer team. We appreciate everyone that helped in any way.

Keith and Melanie Breeding, Reece, Megan, Quin and Macee all atended a Father’ Day Fish Fry at Kelly Breeding and Hope’s home on Sunday. There were several others there. They brought me and David some fish that was very good. Donna made David a turkey dinner and his favorite German Chocolate Cake. She brought me a turkey leg and cake.