County Line

Donna Dodson and Reece Goforth came by on Monday.

Donna showed me a picture of the new red pickup Danny Bushong got.

Macee and Quin Breeding visited me on Wednesday evening for awhile.

Debra and Johnnie Reed and family all made it home okay. Debra had started work. Garrett Kearn got his cast off his arm and played baseball that night.

Donna took Reece. Ethan Gunter and Porter McCullough to Piland Youth Camp on Wednesday and picked them up on Saturday. They had a very good time.

Chase and Bryse Dodson stayed all night with David and Donna Saturday night. Megan, Quin and Macee also stayed.

Donna and Megan took me to town Friday. We had lunch and went shopping. We stopped by Amy Iott’s on the way home.

Macee stayed with me Friday evening for awhile.

Megan and Quin stayed Sunday night with David and Donna.

Reece and Macee are going to summer school.