County Line

Happy Birthday in June to Delwin Iott, Isaiah Ayala and Melissa Iott.

Happy Anniversary to John and Jo Stephens the 19th and David and Donna Dodson the 26th.

Those here on Tuesday were Johnnie and Debra Reed, Miguel and Tiffany Ayala, Garrett, Grant, Isaac, Isaiah, Gabie and Adelle, Jo Stephens, Donna Dodson, Megan Goforth, Bryse Dodson and Quin Breeding.

Miguel, Tiffany, Isaiah, Isaac, Gabi and Adelle left for Indiana and Tennessee on Wednesday to visit Miguel’s family.

Johnnie went fishing with Justin Reed on Wednesday. He learned of the passing of his aunt Wanda and cousin, Bill Lee. He attended Bill’s funeral on Saturday then visited Peggy Litwiller in Taneyville.

Johnnie and Debra, Garrett and Grant went fishing on Thursday. They attended Quin Breeding and Blake Reed’s baseball games Tuesday and Friday. On Saturday evening they attended Reece Goforth’s softball games.

Rheba Pool’s step-grandson and family of Oklahoma visited her and Gene for a week.

Reece Goforth and Melanie Nelson went to the Wellness Center this week. On Sunday Reece attended a BBQ at Melanie’s parents home.

Morgan Clements and Chase Dodson spent Saturday night with Reece Goforth. Bryse Dodson and Macee Breeding spent the night with Donna and David.

Megan Goforth and Regan Koop spent Friday night with Jessica Schneweis.

Quin Breeding spent Thursday night with Hunter Hall.

Those here on Saturday afternoon for a fish fry were Gene and Rheba Pool, Jo Stephens, Danny Bushong, Keith and Melanie Breeding, Reece, Megan, Quin and Macee, Morgan Clements, Colby, Kyle and James McCullum, Donna Dodson, Johnnie and Debra Reed, Garrett and Grant Kearn, Butch and Diana Davis.

Donna was on vacation this week attending the grandkids ballgames and visiting Debra Reed while here.

Those here on Sunday were Donna Dodson, Keith and Melanie Breeding, Megan and Macee. Keith put up a ceiling fan for me. Keith, Melanie and Macee visited Kenny Breeding also. Challa Watkins and Axel Hill also came by Sunday evening.