Breedon News

Good morning everyone. I guess everyone surely is feeling good and wet this morning. Boy, what a difference this year is compared to the last couple of years. I am so happy and thank God for the help this gives to the farmers and gardeners. I am trusting your crops and hay will do well this year. I do also pray that God will give the resources to help the Douglas County road crews. I know the area over here is so rough it seems like you are trying to cross a dry creek bed. I have seen wagon trails easier to maneuver your vehicle on. Lord, please give the road crews the necessary assistance they need to get our roads more travelable.

Today our Sunday school lesson comes from II Corinthians chapter 12 after reading Psalms the 6th chapter. Paul is speaking of himself, “fourteen years ago when he was caught up to the his heaven. He couldn’t tell the church at Corinth whether he was in the body or out of the body. He was in paradise and heard words that were impossible for the mortal mouths to utter. He could have bragged about this experience, but he continued to be humble. Paul could have exalted himself. He was one that God chose to totally convert and change from a total enemy of Christ to a complete minister of Christ’s gospel. He preached with love and compassion to this church and told them three times he had asked God to remove infirmities from him. Jesus told him in the 9th verse, “my grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.” Paul states he would rather glory in infirmities that the power of Christ would rest upon him. All persecutions and distresses Paul and all Christians should be ready to endure for Christ’s sake. The church at Corinth must have been loved a lot by Paul. Many times he could have just gave up, but he speaks and compares his love and desire to minister to them as parents would love and teach their children. Paul is grieving for this people who have not yet repented. He is showing a love similar to Jesus’ love for us even though we are unworthy sinners. He is ready to pardon and forgive. Thank you Jesus Christ for your love.

We are down in number, but still we had a good time in song and worship. The sermon was taken this morning from St. John the third chapter verses 1-21. This s a very familiar passage yet so precious to the believer. St. John 3:16 is what it is all about. We are all born unto sin and no way to God except as it says in that precious 16th verse, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but hath everlasting life.” This goes on to explain God didn’t send Jesus to condemn the world, but the world could be saved. The believer is not condemned, but those who refuse the only Savior we will ever have. We are all born into sin and darkness. The human nature is naturally an offense to God. Yet our God and Heavenly Father sent His only son that we may have a way back to Him. This is unending and boundless love. Praise God for the plan of salvation. Jesus Christ’s willingness to come and die to fullfil the supreme sacrifice for our sins. The world is condemned already and if you choose to reject the only saving power you will stay in condemnation to hell. The believer stands in light not because he is better than the unbeliever, but because he or she has accepted God’s love and His son Jesus. Thanks be to God for His amazing love and forgiveness because each and everyone of us deserves hell. But because He loved us we do not have to go there. I pray you will accept Jesus before it is too late and we will get to meet on Heaven’s shore where all grief and pain will be never more.

It was good to see Sister Dale Thomas and her son, Howard, last week at Stillings Cemetery. We miss your smiling face and my prayer is that you will get to return and be amongst us here at Breedon. I was glad to see some of my nieces and nephews I don’t get to see very often: Jimmy and Joanna Lafferty and Charlie and Montey; Joe Lewis Lafferty got to stay a little while then before I left I got to see Melissa (Lafferty) Harmon and her husband, Roger. I love everyone of you and miss us all being able to get together at one time. I just hope we can keep finding an area big enough to accommodate us all.

Everyone have a good and blessed week. May God keep us all safe until all of the creeks and streams go down and these dirt roads get graded for easier travel. God bless you all until next week.