Breedon Church News

Good beautiful morning here on the Lord’s Day. I haven’t been here for a couple of weeks and I am so blessed to be back here at my little home church. I got to see eleven different states and great beauty that God created in them. It was so enjoyable to see the Smokey Mountains, the Okefenakee Swamp and the grand ocean beaches from Florida on up to Mississippi. To see bears in their natural habitat and alligators in theirs was such a joy. I was truly blessed to get the opportunity to see these things and visit the Vicksburg Military Park and Cemetery. If those hills and trees could talk. As I stood there and read the monuments, a wave of overwhelming sadness came over me. God I pray our country will never have to experience any more civil wars.

Sunday school began with the reading of Psalms 124 followed by Brother Ronnie Thomas giving the opening prayer. Our lesson came from Galatians, the second chapter. This is where Peter and Paul has some disagreement on circumcision being necessary to be a Christian worker. The summary of this chapter speaks to me that even as Christians we have differences of opinion, but all that really matters is what have you done with Jesus and His saving grace and mercy. Have you accepted it or rejected it As workers of the gospel we need to pray for one another and be ever watchful that we do nothing to hinder the coming to Christ of those who are still lost in sin. We are all imperfect and sinners. The only difference is some of us are sinners saved by grace. This gives us no right to judge another for his or her differing opinion. We go on and pray for one another in brotherly and sisterly love for we love not for ourselves, but rather unto the Lord and to give Him praise.

We moved into congregational and special singing. We are so thankful to have Ronnie and Sue Thomas’ daughter, Kami Souder and her three beautiful children. They blessed us with a special song this morning after Ronnie, Sue, Clara Lafferty and Susie Sisco sang. Another special song was sung by Brother Cub, Ronnie and Sue Thomas and Susie Sisco. Now here is how our Lord works through music. These songs alone speaks all the gospel a person would need to hear to accept salvation. The first song acknowledges we need help that can only come from the Lord. The second asks you a question of how long has it been since you reallly tried to pray and seek God’s guidance. The third is telling us we better be getting ready for the coming of the Lord is coming very soon. The fourth song summarizes all the others in telling you there is power in Jesus’ precious blood to save you from eternal damnation and separation from God our Heavenly Father. Would you be free from the burden of sin-there’s power in His blood. Praise be unto Jesus and His saving blood and power. Hallelujah!

Brother Cub took the sermon God lead from Hebrews, chapter 11. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” If all of us who have professed ourselves as followers of Christ had the faith of a mustard seed we could move mountains. The Holy Word speaks this. My faith is not of this world. Going to a Holy Perfect Heaven where no sin, grief, sickness or pain shall be is where my faith is and I have set my sights on going. I don’t want anything of this earth to hinder me and I pray all my loved ones, friends and acquaintances will meet me there. I hope you as you are reading this are ready to go. Even if I have never met you here in this life, I hope we will meet in Heaven. If you are not ready,  I pray the Holy Spirit convicts you to acknowledge you are a sinner without hope if you refuse to accept Jesus as your Savior. Then I pray you will humble yourself and ask Jesus to come into your heart and save you by His cleansing blood. Everyone have a good and blessed week and if you don’t have a church home just know you are always welcome here at Breedon. God bless you and your family. We’ll be talking to you next week.

Oops, I forogt to mention this; don’t forget the Fifth Sunday Singing will be at Goodhope Nazarene Church on 76 highway just east of T Highway. Music usually starts with the musicians playing around 6:00 p.m. or about that time. The actual singing starts about 6:30 p.m. We have refreshments afterwards. Hope to see you there.