Breedon Church News

Sunday, June 9, 2013. Opening Sunday school Joe Lafferty read the 122 Psalms. Opening prayer by Wilma Hampton.

Our lesson today was the 13th chapter of II Corinthians. We had a real good discussion on it.

We will start in the book of Galatians next Sunday.

Michele and Danny Lee had their 16th wedding anniversary. We sang to them.

Danny took up the offerings.

Ronnie and Sue Thomas sang.

Congregation sang for the 11 o’clock hour. Joe Lafferty preached in the 3rd chapter, Galatians and part in the 2nd chapter, 19th verse through the 21st.

We were down in attendance, but we had a good service. Danny Lee dismissed the service.

Susie Sisco went down south on a vacation. We all hope they had a good time.

We are still trying to plant a little garden. It seems like that our rain has been good and we are thankful for that. Hopefully that will help everything grow when we get it all in.

Our prayers are with Faye Pruitt. She broke her leg. It seems like when our bones get brittle, it don’t take much to break them.

Our Friday night singing is June 14th at 7:00 o’clock. We always have a good time. Bring some finger foods and enjoy.

Several churches may be starting Bible school soon. We don’t have enough teachers to have one. I always enjoyed Bible school when I was growing up. We always learned a lot.

Well, I guess I’d better close this letter for now.

God bless everyone.