Bethany Baptist Church

The Ladies Bible Study group met Wednesday morning to continue the series of lessons on “Sacrifices, Offerings, and Giving Thanks,” from Leviticus. This lesson came from Leviticus 8 on the consecration of the priests by Moses when they first set up the tabernacle in the wilderness of Sinai. The description of the holy garments, the cleansing, and the precious anointing oil all point to the beauty and perfection of Jesus; although when Jesus came in the flesh, he was despised and rejected by his generation.

Van Kelly, director of Camp JOY spoke, Wednesday evening. He had a short video commemorating the beginning of Camp JOY fifty years ago. Camp JOY exists because God blessed the many individual donations that were made of time, materials, and money. It continues to be a place where young people hear the gospel presented, hear how to be saved, and how to live a life pleasing to God.

We had the sad news that one of our missionary families had to return home to the United States for safety reasons. We should pray for the Christians in all the foreign countries where the government leaders or those factions rebelling against their leaders threaten the lives of anyone who holds different religious and political views.

The Jubilee Singers and the Youth group are practicing patriotic songs in preparation for the Fifth Sunday Evening Fellowship, coming up June 30. The Jubilee Singers also sang a special song before the message, Sunday morning.


The fathers at Bethany Baptist Church were honored with small gifts, Sunday morning, and  Pastor Bob Sorensen brought a message entitled, “Three Things Every Father Must Do!” Genesis 26:23-25 give an account of Isaac’s return to his homeland after a time in Egypt. The first thing he did was build an altar to the Lord, the second thing he did was pitch his tent, and then he had his servants dig a well.

Isaac followed the example of his father, Abraham. His first priority concerned spiritual things. The father is given the primary responsibility for his family’s religious training. A father’s best teaching method is that of being consistent in his personal relationship with God. The making of a home is more than just building a house and it starts with a foundation of faith in and obedience to God.  Isaac knew that God had given him the responsibility to provide food and clothing for his family, so he had a well dug. Water was necessary for the household as well as for the watering of the sheep. Each father has the calling to provide for his family, to get a job and do it well, but he should not let that job dominate over the rest.