Bethany Baptist Church

Darlene and Sally Sorensen, Norma Stillings, Bobbye Priddy, and Sandra Rogers came back from the Ladies’ Retreat, Saturday afternoon after hearing from some very good messages. The Camp JOY grounds were so peacefully quiet and beautiful, the food was great, and friendships were renewed. There were games, a craft, gifts, and special music as well.

Some events that have occurred this week are the Young Women N Christ Bible Study, Monday afternoon, the Ladies Bible Study, Wednesday morning, and Van Kelly was scheduled to speak about Camp JOY, Wednesday evening. Coming up June 16 is Father’s day; the fathers will be honored, Sunday morning.

Norma Stillings sang in the morning service, Sally Sorensen played a piano special in the evening service. Pastor Bob Sorensen brought a message from Luke 5:1-11, “People who follow Christ launch out into the deep.”

God can use ordinary people, inopportune times, and small means to bring about extraordinary results. Peter, who had fished all night without getting anything, was told to let down his nets. They began to pull up so many fish that the net began to break and both ships were full of fish. Peter recognized this as a miracle and immediately fell down to worship Jesus. His first reaction was one of fear, because being in the presence of God, brings about a awareness of our weak and sinful nature. Peter was so impressed that he left his boat and nets, and his training and experience as a fishermen in order follow where ever Jesus would lead.

Could we give up all that we know of making a daily living, lay aside the special training and the investment in equipment, leave the community where we have family and friends, and all our  other “stuff” in order to follow the Lord, not knowing where he would lead? Peter did. Abraham did. Paul did. If we reflect on these men and on the lives of great preachers, missionaries, and evangelists who left all, we may think that we have to leave everything that is familiar to serve the Lord, but the Lord may call you to your own neighborhood just to do what is in front of you. It is a daily thing to get up and follow God and go where he wants you to go and do what he wants you to do that day.