All Around Bradleyville

Hello everyone. Hope everyone is having a great summer. Sure has turned hot the last week or so. I’ve been having a very good, although very busy summer. I haven’t turned in any news the past three weeks because I have been in Springfield most of the time, staying at the Ronald McDonald House and babysitting Garrett while Julie goes back and forth to the hospital to see and care for the twins which are still in the NICU. She has a laptop that I use while I’m there, but I have really just forgotten to send anything until it is too late.

The babies are growing good and getting close to coming home although we don’t have a definite date on that yet. I skipped almost a week going in to see them because I had some poison ivy on my arms and sure didn’t want to chance they might get it. I have heard conflicting opinions, even from doctors about whether someone else can catch poison ivy from contact with someone who is broken out with it so I didn’t want to push it.

Julie and Garrett both caught a cold and Julie wasn’t able to go in to see the babies for a day or two while her symptoms were bad so I got to go in and do both Emmett’s and Makenna’s feedings and gave Makenna her bath one night. I was a little slow since I wasn’t used to doing these things with such small babies, but I got it done in good grandma fashion. It was such a blessing to hold these little ones and care for them. They are sweethearts and I know they aren’t supposed to be able to smile yet but I really think they both smiled at me while I was holding them. As you might guess, I caught the cold too so Julie was feeling well enough by then to go back in and care for them. Of course the nurses are there taking fantastic care of all the babies in NICU but they like mommies and daddies and even grandmas to come in and care for their babies.

Last Saturday evening I went to a baby shower for Kyle and Kassidi Laughlin who are expecting their baby girl any day now. The church kitchen was full of family and friends who came to be a part of the fun. We played some fun games and had some delicious refreshments and enjoyed a cute shower cake made by a friend. This baby is going to have lots of  grandmas to help spoil her. There were two future grandmas, two great grandmas and two great great grandmas in attendance.  Kyle and Kassidi got a lot of nice and useful items and were so thankful for them all.


New Mansion Church had a clean up day also last Saturday and the church is looking good. Jeremy Chambers built and repaired the back stairs, several of the men cleaned up and fixed a space around some swings and put down new gravel, the outside of the church was washed down and a few other things were cleaned, fixed and repaired. New Mansion is gearing up for Vacation Bible School which will be held July 1-5 with a break on the 4th so everyone can spend the holiday with their families.

I was still feeling sick and coughing a lot so didn’t go to church Sunday and so I also missed the reception at the Taney Center for Delbert and Lorri Johnson. We passed by on the way to Forsyth and it looked like a big crowd there to wish them well. Delbert and Lorri were married on May 20 in St. Augustine, Florida. Congratulations to the happy couple.

A big shout out to Pete Knight in Washington State. Pete is a faithful reader of the news and he asked me a question the last time I talked to him about some people he used to know and if they were related to another news correspondent. One of them was a Humbyrd and the other one was a Crum. I asked about the couple that Pete thought might be related to her and she said she had been in that family for over 40 years and had never heard of them. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help Pete.

Birthdays: June 26: Heather Day, Hannah Gailey, Summer Holvick, Kristi Smith; June 27: Wendy Tinker; June 28: Exie Case; June 29: David Easley; Amber Krtek, Jerry Herd; July 3: Madison Combs, Bandy Dalton. Mike Ridings.

Anniversaries: June 29: Danny and Kerri Hampton; June 30: Bill and Barbara Comer; July 2: Justin and Nikki Combs.