There’s a lot of lawn mowing going on as grass keeps growing fast!

It has been reported that “cicadas” are in the Eastern states, and we had better be prepared with “earplugs” if they moved in our direction.

It has been interesting to watch the purple martins arrive, though other birds took over the martins “house” – they somehow made them “move over” to share the spaces. I have wished to have a new house ready for them. They take care of mosquitoes and other insects. They have been her a few weeks now and are nesting.

My granddaughter, Dana, helped me with some trimming shrubs Saturday afternoon and we have more yard work to do when she comes back this week.

A Saturday dinner at Vaught’s was enjoyed by families of Theodosia and Robert Burns Lodge who joined the widos of Master Masons, as they were honored for Mother’s Day.

Congratulations to my daughter, Kristin Luebbert, of Lindsborg, KS. as she graduated May 10th from Hutchison, Kansas Nursing School.

Kathy Woolery spent Mother’s Day with her parents, Pete and Imogene Mitchell at Udall.

Granddaughter, Dan, and husband, Chet, came back Tuesday and did more yard work.

Karen Davis and I were in Mountain Home, AR. For my doctor’s appointments and shopping.

Jayden Miller had his 9th birthday Sunday, May 12th.

Dorothy Davis celebrated a birthday May 15th and haer daughter-in-law has a May 18th birthday in Lawrence, Kansas.

Mark Miller spent the Mother’s Day weekend at his mothers at Tecumseh. He keeps busy on his job.

Jerry Miller has a doctor appointment Tuesday and plans to visit Lozelle Pitchford at River Lodge Assisted Living in Mountain Home.

Maxine Smith, Edith McKinnon and her friend met Sunday at Vaught’s for Mother’s Day dinner.

Dale and Jackie Evans’ grandson, Robert Evans, is a patient in Barnes Hospital in St. Louis. Best wishes for his recoveryfrom leukemia.

Paralee Rea has a sore right hand as she fell and a large splinter of wood had to be removed at Urgent Care facility in Gainesville Saturday. She was putting flag holders at graves in the Oakland, Arkansas Cemetery.

Mearl and Beulah Satterfield attended decoration services at Hart and Isabella Cemeteries Sunday.

“It doesn’t do any good to sit up and take notice if you keep on sitting.”