St. Francis Church

Sunday, May 26 was Trinity Sunday, which marks a division in the church calendar and marks the end of the segment of the Christian year that relives the life of Christ. Altar and vestment colors are white, the color of purity and joy.

Bishop Glen and Laurie Hartley were away in Boaz, Alabama for the weekend where the Bishop was presiding over confirmation services at All Saints Anglican Church there. In his absence we were not able to have communion since in the Episcopal Church communion must be served by a priest. Instead we held the Morning Prayer service by Chandler Connell acting as cross bearer. Lay Leader Tom Berthold read a sermon prepared by Bishop Hartley based on the gospel lesson for the day, John 3:1, which the Jewish official Nicodemus asks who Jesus is, and Jesus replies with the famous passage that, “you must be born again,” contrasting spiritual birth with physical birth.

My sister Marilyn and I were pleased to have a visit on Saturday with our friend, Mark Gideon from Springfield who was here with other family members decorating graves as his family came from Ava. I joined them for lunch at Rockbridge then we went by the Douglas County Museum for a visit with Marilyn. Mark is a talented actor and I have seen him perform several times with the Springfield Little Theater.

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