St. Francis Church

Sunday, May 19 was Pentecost, one of the major days in the church calendar commemorating the descent of the Holy Ghost upon the apostles on the day of the Jewish festival, which was a harvest festival observed on the fiftieth day from the record day of Passover. Pentecost means fiftieth day and in the Christian tradition is approximately fifty days after Easter. In the Anglican tradition it is called Whitsunday or White Sunday after the baptismal robes used on this day, which formerly was the most popular day for baptism. Bishop Hartley noted that for Anglicans the day is important because it was on this day in 1549 that the Book of Common Prayer was first used in England, replacing the traditional Latin with English. He also noted that the Holy Spirit enters us through baptism and confirmation and brings order into our lives.

After the service we had another excellent lunch followed by a vestry meeting in which we discussed improvements to the Parish Hall to be done by Eric Fancher and repairs to the fence by Joe Criswell.

Sunday evening I attended a concert given at the Methodist Church by Austin Giorgianni and other young people to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. I am constantly amazed by the musical talent exhibited by many young people in our community.

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