St. Francis Church

Sunday, April 28 was the fourth Sunday after Easter and Bishop Hartley noted that we are at the end of the Easter season. He based his sermon on the gospel for the day, John 16:5; “Jesus said to his disciples, now I go my way to him that sent me ….” In the passage Jesus explains that he would go lest the helpers or Holy Spirit would come to be in the world forever and that without his physical going away there could be no Holy Spirit. In the body he is limited by time and space, but as the Holy Spirit he will be universal, and will fulfill his promise “Lo, I am with you always.” This passage is a summary of the work of the Holy Spirit.

Thursday Bishop Hartley and I were among the large crowd at the funeral for my cousin, Rev. Tom Johnson, Tom’s mother, Bertha Belle Kester Johnson, was the double first cousin of my grandfather N.V. “Bird” Kester. The Kester brothers married Baxter sisters so their descendants are cousins on both sides and Tom was always faithful in attending Kester reunions. Several years ago I made contact via the internet with our cousins Tommy and Elaine Baxter in Texas and they made a trip here for genealogy and visited with Tom and Jewell. By then he was the only one left who remembered my great-grandparents Isaac and Belle Baxter Kester, who were his Uncle Ike and Aunt Belle.