The Praise Team led some very good songs then Brother Roberts brought the message from I Thessalonians 4:13-18, “Rapture -Part 2.”

LeeAnn Crum brought an informative message of the operation of Options Pregnancy, then she and her daughter sang two beautiful songs.

Delmar and I have been working around the place this week. I had a yard sale, but the weather was too cold to do very good.

Stacie Hamby brought us a really good dish of food for supper one evening.

Stacie, Mahayla, Miley and Lucas Hamby came over one afternoon and we all enjoyed popsicles. The kids are so cute when they are all sticky and enjoying it.

My mom, Nora Hunsaker, and Lee Williams have both been sick, but are feeling better now.

On Saturday I made a new kind of cake for mammas 89th birthday. She had several calls and several visitors to wish her a Happy Birthday. Delmar Rosseau and Earnie and Helen Cook came and ate supper with us. I made chicken and noodles.

Vern and Kathleen Deatherage came to visit mamma for her birthday. Others stopping in were Jessica and Amanda Cook, Deidra Wallace and Kaitlyn, Darrell, Roben, and Stephanie.

Until next week enjoy each day as if it is your last because it may be.