The holiday is almost over, hope everyone got home safe. There was lots of people on the road. All of our family from Oklahoma and Arkansas arrived home safe.

Tuesday evening Kailey Thompson’s softball team played the last inning while the storm was coming in from the west. They won. It really rained heavy on our way home. Thursday night Kailey’s team lost and Kyle’s team won.

Kenny got the grass cut and Roxann came over to see how my garden was doing. She hadn’t been to the Rome area for a while, so I went over there with her. She wanted to drive over the old bridge. I told her in 1919 Arthur Richards, Dick’s dad had a picture of him and his horse standing at the edge of it. It probably wasn’t finished until 1920 or 1921.

Friday Pete and Sandra Jenkins came up from Fayetteville, Arkansas. We all met at the Jenkins building in Goodhope. Norma Cross and Sandra fixed lunch and we were preparing for our annual Jenkins Reunion at the pavillion on Saturday. Several of us went to the Jenkins Cemetery Saturday morning to decorate our loved ones graves.

These are the descendents of Matt and Josie (Barnes) Jenkins. There is five children left from Lee and Mavie (Applegate) Jenkins. Glenn died in 2004, Peggy his widow was able to come out for a while. Randy and Susan, Oliver and Liz, Rethaa (Jenkins) Haas died in 2011, Jim and their daughter, LeAnn and husband, Chris from Oklahoma, Pauline (Jenkins) Richards, Danny and Beth Maloney, Jason, Brenda and Conner from Sparta, Kelly Thompson, Kinsey, Kailey and Kyle and friend, Abagail and friend, Jaden, Georgia (Jenkins) Sanders and Ronnie from Oklahoma. Norman Jenkins died in 2000. Paula Kaye and daughter, Renee, Marion Sanders, Shelly and John and four children, David and girlfriend, with four children, Norma (Jenkins) Cross, Kenny and Seth, Pete and Sandra Jenkins from Arkansas, Sue (Jenkins) Johnson and Bill, Jess and Rhonda Storie from Oklahoma, friends, Ed Hall, Juanita Herrell and Lisa. There was 61 present.

We had good services Sunday. We were down in number, but not in spirit. Church was dismissed Sunday evening. Sick ones this week were Susan Adams, Larry and Lynn Clayton, Lodean Schultz and Jerry Hall. He is still in the hospital. We need to keep these and others in our prayers.

Today, Monday, Norma and I went over to the Jenkins Cemetery then up to Mt. Tabor and down to Walnut Grove. DeAnn and Ray Cunningham was over there during the middle of the day, as greeters. Then DeAnn and I went down to the Bethel Cemetery. It was a full day for me.

I called Freda Richards that evening. The boys cut her grass and some weed eating . She said her place really looks good.

Pauline Hathcock isn’t much better. She is still in a lot of pain.

Kailey Thompson spent a couple days with her friend, Autum Groth in Springfield.

Destany Rasch spent the night with Kinsey. Donnie and Destany were in K.C. over the weekend to attend her cousin’s graduation.

Isaiah 12:4, “And in that day shall ye say, Praise the Lord, call upon His name, declare his doings among the people, make mention that his name is exalted.”