Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist Church

During Memorial Day Week-end,  we had a lot of visitors.

The choir did a special.

Birthdays:  Lola Dennis ( WOW 82), Tammi Housley, Jimmie Marler, Hannah Moore.

Anniversary:  David and Tammi Housley.

A Special was performed by  Sharon Renfrow, as well as, poem special by  Alex Alexander- “The Soldier’s Prayer” and “The Soldier”.

We appreciate Virginia Housley for the new wooden flower pots in front of the church.

Prayer requests were made for Jerry Lee, Carla Bates, Paul McIntosh, Laura Hiler, Larry Dennis, Melene Schudy, Ken Northcutt, Ruby Ely, Brenda Mitchener, and tornado victims.

Children’s Church with Helen Batten today.

Upcoming Events:  June 2- HOMECOMING SUNDAY- 11 a.m. with Stanley Jones Singers.  Pot Luck at noon, and no evening services.  June 6- Men’s Breakfast 7 a.m. June 17th week Vacation Bible School 6 p.m.

Quote from bulletin: “True faithfulness must be all the time.  Jesus expects and rewards faithfulness”.    Bro. Rick’s sermon- Acts 27:  27-39.  His topic was navigation through this life.  We each have a spiritual journey trying to get to Heaven.  To get to Heaven we need help; we need good navigation and good instruction.  He gave examples when he was a truck driver.  It would have been nice to have a GPS system.  For spiritual things, we need to program God into our GPS since we have so many choices.  We need one path for all the problems in life.  We should always talk to God, and let him be our navigator.  Life is not obstacle free, we need to be careful or we’ll run into something.  In Acts, even though the boat crashed, 276 men were still alive, thanks to their great Guide, God.  By following Jesus, he will get us to Heaven.  He is a worthy navigator, and we don’t want to live a day without God.  Evening Service:  from Genesis 8:  1-11.  Do you see the Olive leaves in your life that God sends you?  You need knowledge and wisdom to seek them out.  You can see promise even after the tornado, or when you see a mother with her new baby.  God is still on the throne.

Visitors welcome to the Homecoming Service June 2nd.  Food, music, and fellowship will be great!  Questions:  Bro. Rick Batten 683-5657 or 417-250- 0918.