Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist Church

Sunday, April 28, turned out to be a pretty day.  Congregation sang which seemed appropriate.  Last Sunday, we had over 104 in attendance.

The church had a fishing day on Saturday at the Pay Pond north of Hartville.  The fish caught was the dinner last Sunday with all the fixins.

Birthdays this week are for  Jerry Lee and Virginia Housley.

Prayer requests for our country; Ken Northcutt; Paul McIntosh; Sue Durden; Ernie Dobson; Becky Cottengim; Jerry Lee; Amber Junge; Ellen Buttram; Jerry Snow; Jack Lawler, Sue Hefner, Sue Lathrom; Imogene Williams; Sharon Marler; Carla Bates; Smith family; Van and Sharon Renfrow; Lois Flageolle; and others who are traveling.

UPCOMING EVENTS:  Men’s breakfast on May 2nd at 7 a.m.  Mission Association at Wolf Creek Church on May 11th at 9 a.m.  Mother’s Day celebration on May 18th. Homecoming services on June 2nd featuring the Stanley Jones singers and no evening services. Vacation Bible School June 17-21st with a western theme.

The choir performed a special.  We will miss Tammi Housley for the next couple weeks.  Lois Flageolle -morning special and Bernice Price- evening special, “Name 7 Good Things about your Day”.  Bro. Rick asked the congregation to think of some good things about the day: the sun, great granddaughters baptized today, daughter came for a visit, baptizing in Cabool today, assurance that we are saved, and all the people who joined in and sang in the choir this morning.  Bro. Rick was glad that Jimmie Marler was back in church after the Civil War Re-enactment in Hartville for the last 3 days.  Bro. Rick did some visiting of families this weekend: Anthony, Van, and Sharon. Bro. Everett Jenkins from God’s Storehouse was the speaker tonight.  He thanked Rock Chapel for supporting the Storehouse.  He told the history behind getting the big building behind Dollar General in Hartville.  He prayed that God would provide the food for hungry families, and for 5 years now he has received an abundance of food.  He prayed for a building and God provided a great building.  At one time he was going to have to close the Storehouse when it was across from Lazy Lee’s station, but he was given 3 months free rent to keep it open.  He thanked all the wonderful people along the way that helped the Storehouse feed families; and for people to receive a listening ear and prayers; and for donations of food, clothes, money to help with rent, electricity, etc.  There are many wonderful, caring people in the area.  They have now provided 35-40 Spanish Bibles to Mexico.  God gave a vision and a purpose and he has provided the way to make it work.  He said he has witnessed so many wonders, for example when he needed $5000 for a down payment on the building.  He had 15 days to raise the money, and he was given a donation in 24 hrs.   You need to pray and understand what you read in the Bible.  Bro. Jenkins said the Lord is now meeting our needs.  He feels like the Lord is saying, “I’m taking care of it for you. I’ve Got Your Back”.  He said we should thank God every day.  You can pray anytime.  We cannot let people go hungry, without clothes or a place to live.  But we also must be kind to them; listen to them; pray for them; and try to save their souls so they can go to heaven.  He thanked Rock Chapel for always welcoming in visitors.  He was once a visitor, and now he feels he is part of the family.  Bro. Rick ended by saying we all must have Faith.  Bro. Everett did what God wanted him to do.  We should do the same, but make sure it is God leading us and not our own wants and desires when we make decisions.  Hope everyone can come and bring a friend to the Men’s breakfast this coming Thursday, May 2nd at 7 a.m.