Red Bank Church News

The Red Bank Church service began with hymns led by Jerry Maggard.   A warm welcome was provided by Jerry Huff before dismissing everyone to their respective Sunday school class.  Birthday mission offerings were given in honor of loved ones having birthdays.

Brother Les used Scripture from Genesis 3: 12 as basis for the sermon on forgiveness.  When God asked Adam if he had eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that grew in the midst of the Garden of Eden, Adam quickly blamed the woman that God had given him.  When he asked Eve, the woman, she told Him that the serpent had talked her into eating of the fruit from the forbidden tree.  The main point that Brother Les stressed was that it is the nature of sin that we dodge the truth.  Like Adam and Eve, we blame each other and even try to blame God for our sins.  “In truth, we need to forgive each other as Jesus forgave us even as he hung on the Cross,” said Brother Les.    For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:  But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses. (Luke 6:14-15)

Sunday was Mother’s Day and it was celebrated with gifts for every mother present.  Special gifts were also presented to the oldest and youngest mother.  I ended up with the gift for the oldest mother.   Tracey Nelson received a gift for being the youngest mother present.

Visiting with the Hallmark family and attending church with them was Eloise’s brother and his wife.  We all enjoyed visiting with them while they were here.

We were missing Miranda Hallmark at church this Sunday.  After the graduation ceremony at Bradleville, she along with all the other graduates, left on their senior trip to Florida.  They will get to stay there a whole week.  She sent a text to her family Sunday evening that she was sitting on the beach with her feet in the water eating pizza. How could life get any better?  She’s so funny.  We all love her very much and pray for a safe, enjoyable trip for her and her classmates.

Attending a Mother’s Day tea party program held at the Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center Sunday afternoon were Jeane Huff and Gary and Alice Lirley.   They attended the affair in honor of their mother, Maxine Lirley.  Maxine wrote a poem for the occasion and was given the honor of reading it for those that attended.  There were also others that took part in this special program.  Everyone was served refreshments.  There was also a drawing for door prizes.  Gary’s name was drawn for a basket flowers.  He said, “Wow, I got to give Alice flowers for Mother’s Day after all.”  I didn’t get any more flowers for Mother’s Day except for the flowers I received at Church, but I did get cards and phone calls from my children.  I always love hearing from all three of them.   All in all, I had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

Jeane Huff said that she was delighted to spend Sunday afternoon with her three sons and their families at the home of David and Terinda Hampton.

Sunday evening several gathered at Red Bank Church for the monthly Praise Night.  Along with congregational singing, there were several specials presented.   Margi Gates was our pianist for the evening.  After the program, everyone gathered in the fellowship room for a pot luck meal.

Take care and enjoy the warmer weather we are supposed to have this week.  Many are looking forward to finally being able to get their garden planted.  For some this will be the second planting.