Red Bank Church

I finally got my garden planted. Now all we need is enough sunshine for it to grow and produce.  It sounds like better weather is on its way this week end.  I think that will make us all feel much better.

The Church service at Red Bank began with hymns led by Jake Hampton.  Jerry Huff gave everyone a big welcome and introduced the Sunday school lesson taken from Proverbs 6:6-35 called, “Becoming a Person Others Need.” This lesson mentioned three character traits we should develop in order to make a difference in our relationship with family and friends.  They are diligence, integrity and purity.  We should, perhaps, ask ourselves which one is missing in our own life that would make all the difference in the lives of others we know and love.

Brother Les preached from I Corinthians: 9, for the morning sermon, that might be entitled, “Those that Serve. Each of us need to be aware of what God wants us to accomplish while we exist here on this earth.  For Paul it was preaching His Word.  In order to be effective in serving the Lord, Paul related in verse 27 that he needed to keep himself under the subjection of God’s Word so that he would not find himself being more in need than they that he preached to.

We received word Monday that Gary’s cousin, Robert Adams, had passed away.  His mother was Willene Adams who also passed away recently.  Robert’s funeral will be held at the Clinkingbeard Funeral Home on Wednesday, May 22 at 2:00 p.m.  A time of visitation is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. that same day before the funeral service.

Gary and I visited with Maxine Lirley on Friday afternoon.  When we arrived, we found that Maxine was on her way out the door to take in some sunshine.  We all decided to find refuge under some shade in order to visit for a while.  The little visitor’s park in front of the Healthcare Center was the perfect place we needed.  It even had built in cement benches to sit on.  We had a great time visiting together.

I started to step out my back door yesterday and was greeted by five little kittens.  It seems that the momma cat had brought them to me to feed so she could wean them easier.   They were busy crunching on some of the cat food that I put out for my other cats each morning.  They were so cute, but now I’ll have to be careful and not accidentally trip over them when I go out the door.

The tornado storms in Texas and in Oklahoma came within a few miles from some of our children’s homes.  Mitzi, our daughter, said, “Mom, It was like God placed a bubble over our family.  The storm   came near, but didn’t touch us.” That has happened many times for them.  Our son and his family were preparing to get into their shelter because the storm was headed right for their house, but then it stopped and hit else where.  We Praise the Lord for his care over them. There are many kinds of storms that may affect each of us, greatly, sometime in our lives.   But, when they do, we can depend on our Lord and Savior to bring us through them all.  Our prayers go up for the families that were so greatly affected by these storms; especially for those who lost loved ones.

That’s all the news for now.  Take care and enjoy the sunshine.