Rainbow Ridge News

Wendell Daugherty treated his mother, Jean Daugherty, to lunch, Saturday, for Mother’s Day at Cookie’s in Theodosia. George and Donna Dale and Billy Fletcher were part of her group.

When I went in to the Douglas County Herald office to do some business last week, I got a great surprise. They handed me a card with a letter and pictures from Lois Moore who lives in Connecticut. She is the sister of my late dear friend, Joan (Ruth) Waggoner Gibson. I was so pleased to hear from Lois. Reading her letter brought back many fond memories and some sadness when I thought about all those people of Arno and Nubbin Ridge who used to go to school and church together 65 and 70 years ago. A lot of the folks moved away in the 40’s. There were “war jobs”  and service in the military, fruit to be picked and canned in California, and potatoes to be picked up in Idaho. When seniors graduated many of them left for better opportunities than were offered here.

What I remember is that Lois lived and worked in the Washington D.C. area and my friend, Ruth went to stay with her after our sophomore year. She called herself, “Joan” after that, but she was always “Ruth” to me. She graduated there, married, had four children, went to law school, and became an attorney. Ruth died with cancer before we got to do the traveling that we had planned to do at retirement. I still miss her.

Lois’s husband, Bill, retired from the military, and a few years later they purchased a 1784 house and opened a restaurant there. They kept that open until 2001.  Lois and her husband, Bill celebrated their 62nd  wedding anniversary last year.

Lois’s letter has made me feel that writing for the Herald is a good thing. I was about to give it up, but think that I will keep on, while I can.