Quad Cities

5-13-13. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers who read this. I hope each and everyone of you had as good a day as I did. It couldn’t have been much better. Bright sunshine, temps where you just needed the lightest of jackets, if any at all. Walt gave me a really nice card and took daughter, Berta and I to Lisa’s Restaurant and bought us a delicious meal. Berta also gave me a beautiful card. We met daughter, Anita, her hubby, Carl, my grandson, Jared and his daughter, Zoie. Zoie gave a rose to each one of us mothers. Lisa gave me a really pretty card that has a rainbow that lights up and plays music when you open it, and Anita gave me a waste basket and shower hooks that match the shower curtain I bought and am saving it for the apartment if I ever get to move into it. They’ve got pretty birds on all of it. I’m telling you they had the biggest crowd in and out of the restaurant I’ve ever seen anywhere ever. I don’t know how on earth they kept up with all of it. There’s two cooks, one bus boy and I think five waitresses besides Lisa. They were all but running the whole time. I sure hope they got good tips all day. We left good tips for our waitress, and also gave tips to the two cooks and bus boy. All of them did such an excellent job. I gave small gifts to Berta, Anita and Zoie and Lisa and something I made to all the waitresses. It was quite an experience and I loved every minute of it. The only thing that would have made it better is if Jacob could have been there. He was the only family member not there.

On Friday we went to the Cities to do our things there. Frank Dee saw Walt at the bank and talked to him them Frank came on over to Wal-Mart and I got to visit him there for a while. He was telling me about two of his grandsons who are graduating college this year. I hope I get this right – Frank’s daughter, Sue, has a son named Elliot, who’s graduating from Iowa Wireless College in Moline on Thursday. His wife is Lyken and they have a son Madix Franklin and a daughter Auroa. Then Bill and Cheryl has a son, Travis in Lexington, Kentucky also graduationg. That’s Frank’s daughter and son-in-law, Bill and Cheryl White’s son. His wife is Venassa and they have a daughter Cheyene and a son Elias. We had lunch with Walt’s granddaughter, Candi, and had a nice visit with her as usual. Well this is Monday and time to go to Tipton so as usual I need to hurry and get ready. The weather is supposed to be nice today and tomorrow then rain for the next four days. The grass is growing so fast Walt can’t hardly keep up with it.

So I better say take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.