Quad Cities

5-6-13. Oh what a beautiful morning….Oh what a beautiful day! Green, green grass everywhere and green in the trees. I’ve got four bright red tulips out there and they especially show up pretty with the bright green grass all around them. And there’s the yellow dandelions and little purple violets just about everywhere. There’s a Hyacinth that came up from assorted seeds I planted last year, but it didn’t come up last year, so it’s a pleasant surprise this year. It’s a deep pink color. One thing I especially like about spring is all the pretty shades of green and of course, all the flowers. We’ve been seeing a lot of trees in bloom. Some of them pink and some white. Walt saw a little hummingbird out there awhile ago so I made some sugar water and have got it cooling off. I’m sure it’s really hungry  from it’s long trip back.

It rained hard off and on all day Friday. Water everywhere again, but thanks to Jared, not in the house. On Wednesday we went to Muscatine to do some shopping and met Anita and her dad, Trevis, for a good lunch at Lisa’s. It was a really nice day that day and Saturday and Sunday were absolutely gorgeous. No coat or jacket needed.

Today is Monday so we have our usual plan to go to Tipton. Oh yes, the little wrens are back building in their house. They’re so cute to watch. They put so many sticks and things in there, I don’t know how they have room for their babies. Guess they know what they’re doing. Take care of yourselves, and bye, bye for now.