Quad Cities

4-29-13. Another month about gone, but that’s how it goes. It would really be odd if time stood still, wouldn’t it?

The roof still isn’t leaking and it’s a good thing because it’s supposed to rain every day this week except tomorrow (Tuesday).

It’s still been flooding all around, but going down some, but will probably come back up with the rain. People are starting to clean up now and have to get rid of almost everything. Once it’s flooded it’s contaminated. The little town of West Liberty just west of here was flooded really bad. The first time I ever heard of that and it’s from a little creek on each side of town. The city parked 30 of the great big dumpsters there somewhere for the people to put their damaged goods in and the dumpsters were being dumped all during the day. Also the itty bitty town of Atalissa was flooded and taking things to West Liberty to dump. I don’t know what it was flooded from. I was telling everybody I was getting ready to start building an ark. I think some of the people who get flooded every year and have to get through all this would be better off to build an ark and live on it year round.

I sure was saddended to hear about the death of George Jones. What a legend. I think almost everyone liked him. Most of the other singers would say he was their favortie when asked and of course Waylon has that song that says, “If we could all sing like we want to, we’d all sing (or sound) like George Jones. He was a tough one though. Look what all he had lived through. I haven’t heard what the official cause of death was, just that he was hospitalized and had a fever and high blood pressure, but there must be more to it than that. I’m sure he will have one of the biggest funerals. After Johnny Paycheck died I read that he had died broke and George Jones paid for his funeral and burial plot.

We had a great day on Saturday. We went to Bettendorf to attend a baby shower for another one of Walt’s granddaughters. The little baby girl is due in July. The whole family is excited and of course, I am too. For Walt that will be a great-grandkids – a 3 year old boy, two year old girl, one year old boy and then this little girl. The mother-to-be has a twin brother and he said, “She was my womb mate.” Ha. There were a lot of people there and we got to see Candi and Jarred and visit with them during the shower and see and visit with the three grandkids from Bettendorf. The last time we saw them was when their sister graduated high school and now this year she will graduate from college. She’s going to be a third grade teacher and someone said she already had a job for when school starts again. She will make a great teacher. The grandson, Garrett, said he’s shooting archery now and said he’d like to shoot with us sometime and see some of my “trick shooting,” but I told him I never know when it’s going to happen and we told him about the time I shot the balloon two or three times (arrows went through it) before it popped.

Take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.