Olga News

It has been a crazy few weeks with birthday parties, family visiting, burials of family and friends and keeping up with everyday life. I am sure that you readers can understand that feeling.

My little brother, Johnny Nichols and his wife, Diana have been visiting from Goodland, Kansas. Johnny grew up in this neighborhood and he always enjoys coming home to see several of his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. It sure was nice to spend sometime with them and we had several visits together. We sure miss him around here and wish we saw him more often. It was also nice to have lunch at the home of his son and our nephew, Allen Nichols. I appreciated our daughter, Janice Morris for taking me there. Johnny and I both hated to miss the Ava Alumni Banquet.

I appreciate the prayers in the loss of Junior’s cousin, Emily Campbell. Many of you will remember her from the Chadwick and Garrison communities. She was the daughter of Henry and Alma Billingsley. She had such a nice service in Ozark and it was nice to see so many members of the family there. She was loved by so many people.

For you readers who are fans of the Webster County Opry, you will remember Johanna Peck. She was a longtime backup singer and never missed a performance while her health permitted. She passed away this past week and was buried in Alabama. She was such a special person and she loved to come to Olga and visit Kindall Store. I remember her coming out here when the Opry performed at the store a couple of times in the past. She was raised in Holland and had such a neat accent.

Speaking of Kindall Store, while visiting there this week, I had such a nice visit with Sharon Shannon and Charley Brindley. Charley has just written a new book and he is such a great writer. Also, I noticed that the beautiful azalea bushes that Sarah Inman planted near the porch of the store (facing Olga Road) are in full bloom and they look beautiful. Corda Kindall would have loved to have seen their pink blossoms. Additionally, Sharon has now been published in New Zealand. Last year, their new born Highland calf was attacked by a mountain lion and they did a lot of work with her.  She wrote about the whole story, and the editor of the Highland Cattle Newsletter in New Zealand picked up on it and published it over there. When the calf was attacked it was the talk of the whole neighborhood. She reports the little calf is now 10 months old, still a bit wobbly in her back end, but running and skipping and jumping through the field, fat and sassy as can be. She is such a great writer and I think she would make a great correspondent for this weekly report. Hint, hint!


We have had several new additions to our family. Congratulations to grandson Patrick Morris in the arrival of a new son, Matthew Morris. Also, Nicholas and Sarah Inman have a new son to welcome home. Jackson Carter-Wayne Inman arrived on May Day. They are both growing and are adorable. I was able to spend quiet a bit of time with Jackson at the 5th birthday party of his older sister Reagan recently. It is so much fun to watch your family grow. Seems like we were traveling all these old roads with our kids, just the other day! Memories, memories!!

There is always something going on in this area. We hope to see you out this way in the near future and God Bless you all.