Oak Grove Church

We hope everyone enjoyed a beautiful Mother’s Day this last Sunday. If you didn’t you certainly missed a good chance. It was a gloriously beautiful day to celebrate with our mothers and if she came to Oak Grove for morning worship service, we sent her home with our blessings and a rose of her choice as a small thank you for all those countless things we forget that mothers do.

If you come next Sunday you can help us explore “A Solemn Question,” in the morning worship service, followed in the evening service by, “Encouragement to Stability & Service,” at least that’s the plan.

We are flexible enough to change if the Spirit so leads. We have hope you will come and join us for Sunday school and worship services. You will be most welcome.

By the way if you would like to play an instrument or sing in praise to the Lord, we would love to have you come and be part of our services. Or if you would just like to hear some “Good News” for a change, come be our guest. “What have you got to lose, but that frown?”