Oak Grove Church

The 148th session of the Missouri Association of General Baptists was held at Piland Youth Camp sanctuary this last weekend and we enjoyed a wonderful time in the Lord. Guest speakers were, Bob Yeager from Oakland City University, Jeff D. Marsh and Jeff Marsh. No you’re not seeing double and I didn’t repeat myself.

This mornings message was entitled “Living Epistles” and we explored the possibilty of how our mail service may have been interrupted but there is no reason that we cannot resume delivery of the message of salvation by grace through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

This morning message was “Cold Water for a Thirsty Soul,” are you, a cool drink for a lost and dying world that is starving for the nourishment of the gospel of Christ.

You missed a top notch music performance from two-thirds of the Earth-Tones who blessed our evening service with their music, “You should’a been there!”

The planned message for next Sunday is “Self Deception,” you should come and be our guests, and if you really think you are the only person I am saving a seat for (look at the title of this message.)

Then for the upcoming evening message we may take a good hard look at “A Solemn Question,” which you may find in the 9th chapter of Hosea, and the 5th.