Norwood Gleanings

Howdy. It seems as soon as I get one week written, it’s time to write again. As I get older, time is going by so much faster.

May 14 was the senior dinner. There was 27 present. Bonita   and Linda VanderBogart fixed and served the main course with everyone bringing a special dish. It was all so good. I slipped in myself, even though I’m not at age yet. (I love being with older folks, more than being with people my own age). They just visit and talk of the past. Those also present were Ronnie and Janet Atchison, Linda, Wayne, Shirley, Denver, and Donna Sue Cottengim, Donna Sue’s daughter and fiance. Karen Parsons and Kevin Mings were there too. Jr. and Alberta Steinert, Stella Blanton, John and Shirley Shores, Leon Pendergrass, Delta Forrest, Gale Robertson, Ruth Bradshaw, Jack Chadwell, Joann Sanders, Earlene Dennis, Jack Barnett and Zach, Tammy Williams. Next month it will be on Tuesday, June 11.

I was asked to write a little about my daughter, KD, in Dalion, China. She has 25 days left of her quarter until she is home. She wants to come back for the summer, but then she has been asked to go back over their in January and teach spoken English for a year. She will make great money and she says she loves it. I really don’t have a problem with that because I never did anything great with my life (except have five wonderful girls), but I just want her to be where God wants her. She has seen and gone to a lot of tourist sites like the Great Wall of China, Beijing, and Shanghai and many more that I can’t remember (old age). Her dad is fighting tooth and nail for her not to go back, but he lost the first time when she went, so time will tell the outcome. She will be home June 9.

I think the whole town of Norwood was at Union Grove Church Wednesday night, but not for church, they got to see Mikyla ride on Travis’ lap, down the isle. Around 300 people showed up. Because of the rain and parking, they got off to a late start (which is nothing unusual for Rhonda) but it was a fun, exciting time for those two. Mikyla looked beautiful and Travis even cleaned up pretty good. They also delayed their honeymoon because of the Norwood Pirates playing ball in Hartville until Friday. They will reside with his parents until their home gets finished.

Summer School starts May 28 and will run through June 24.

Way to go Norwood Boy Pirates. Their season wasn’t too good, but who would have thought that they would have beat Mansfield Monday night. Then Dora Tuesday night in Districts. They did lose to Hartville Thursday, but the seniors have good memories to share years to come.

Our anniversary this week is David and Rhonda Coatney on the 19th. They celebrated 29 years. Chris and Amber Bradshaw shared anniversary with the Coatneys too. They were married 12 years on the 19th.

Fun Facts: The Blue Print for Norwood was made in 1881 and Walter S. Thompson from Kansas City gave it the name.

Thought: Happiness can be thought, sought, or caught, but never bought; and the best way to keep happiness is to share it. Smile, it doesn’t hurt.

Until next week, God bless our little town.