Norwood Gleanings


I think that spring is finally here. Flowers are popping up everywhere, schools are getting out, everyone is going to the ball fields to play summer leagues, and yards are being mowed. I love spring for what it means, new life. Now that brings another matter to mind.

Jamie and Angela Coatney came home from the hospital with a new baby. His name is Jase Christly. He weighed 7 pounds and 14 ounces. He was born on his great grandma’s birthday, May 10. Pat would have been so proud.

Also spring usually means weddings and Jamie’s brother, Travis Coatney, has asked Mikyla Hyde to marry him and they are going to get hitched Wednesday, May 15 on his Grandma Pat and Grandpa James Bradshaw’s anniversary. So the Coatney’s are adding to their family and Rhonda is as happy as a coon in a corn patch.

The Window Factory and R&M Cafe was closed Thursday because of Ascension Day. If you ever wonder what that is all about, that’s the day that Jesus left this earth to go be with His Father in heaven. They celebrate in the morning with a small service then they play games in the afternoon. That’s kind of neat, I think. Makes me wonder why if it is on the calendar, why we don’t celebrate.

We have an election coming up June 4. JoAnn Emerson is leaving office and they need someone to replace her. Jason Smith will be running against Steve Hodges for that position.

Se-Ma-No will be having their annual meeting at Mansfield this year on June 8. There you can elect your new board members or they sent out a ballot to sign and send back in.

Every year, they pick a year to run the alumni banquet. This year it was the Class of 1988. The number was up a few from last year. I think we had 106 present. Ruth Bradshaw was the oldest graduate in 1942 and second was Delta Forrest. She graduated in 1946. Lincoln Connell, son of Brian and Stephanie (Freeman) Connell received the scholarship this year. Mr. Inman gave the speech to the graduates. I was disappointed. There was only four graduates there. I think there ought to be a dress code and everyone ought to at least attend their graduating year. Ronnie Atchison has attended 42 years in a row and Kevin Kelley was second with 40 years without missing. Donna Bennett was in charge of getting the meal prepared and as usual, it was wonderful.

Mike Parker has a praise, he had some tests done and they found that he does not have cancer, but he does have to go back to pin point what is going on.

Lyle Bradshaw is home from the hospital and hear he is doing pretty good.

My sympathy goes out to the Gray family. Robert passed away this week due to heart failure.

Happy anniversary to Billie and Cheryl Hicks. They will celebrate their 45 years on the 18th.

Fun Facts: Norwood is situated in the southern section of Wright County. It is one thousand four hundred and eighty-nine feet above sea level.

Thought: Worry is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you anywhere.

Until next week, God bless our little town.