Mt. Tabor Church

Mt. Tabor Church began Memorial Day with many prayers and thanks for the goodness of our Lord to us. Our group was small, but we had a good Sunday school lesson, along the same line as the day we were celebrating, to bring all we know back to remembrance, according to St. Peter. Good to have our visitor.

Brother Ric ask all in attendance to give any testimony, story, or remembrance of our family who were veterans, now or in the past, or things we wanted to mention about them. It was a very moving time for family and friends to talk about. He then used the story of the bread and wine that Jesus partook of, in remembrance of me, ye do this.

Many, many folks came through the gates to decorate and remember their families buried there. The cemetery looked beautiful with all the pretty flowers and flags waving in the wind.

A reminder that Piland Youth Camp will begin with the senior camp, June 5-8.

Ronnie and Pat Lansdown took Myrl Cox to Brushyknob Cemetery and later, Paul Cox brought his mother to Mt. Tabor.

Ronnie and Pat had their family, Jill and Patrick O’Neal, Ada, Ok., Mr. and Mrs. David Guerin and daughters, Doug and Kristie, Jadon and Kayley for a day of visiting and barbeque. The O’Neals stayed an extra day so Patrick and Paul could enjoy the day fishing.

Clifford and Imogene Madewell enjoyed having Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Madewell with them, Sunday.

Tom and Jewell Elliott, J.C. Hall and Vicky Burnett, spent the day, Saturday, visiting several cemeteries, beginning in West Plains, Eaton and Pleasant Home, seeing folks there to visit with.

James Elliott visited several times last week with Tom and Jewell Elliott.

Martin Hathcock’s family gathered at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Sunday evening, and some visited him later in the evening. Eleazar and Ronda Soto, Wes, Pat, Charlee and the Potter grandchildren, Emma and Weston, Pernie and Dennis Adams, Doris Wommack and Barbara, all spent time with Martin. Other visitors with Martin were Freeda Holt and Jan Jones, Tuesday.  Jim attended church with Martin, Sunday at Mt. Tabor.

Harold and Kay Hutchison made their stops at family cemeteries, last Friday.  All were well kept and nicely decorated. Danny, Kim and Morgan Clements came by, Monday evening.  Martin visited a couple of times last week.

Paula Jenkins Brigance and daughter, Renee, came by to see Uncle Harold, Saturday evening.