Little Creek

Friday, I spent a happy two hours or so with Kasey and Karen as they finished planting Kasey’s and my garden. Mine is five tubs with tomatoes and pepper. I already have been eating salad out of mine because they put out onion sets, lettuce, and radishes early. Kasey and Karen both have large gardens but nothing as compared to the much larger ones we had when my five kids were home and the combined garden my grandparents and my parents planted. Their potato patch in the garden was larger than the whole gardens of today, for potatos were dried and stored in the cellar enough to last until the next years potatoes were ready to eat. They also had a “hot bed” made with fresh horse manure for heat and covered then with dirt in which they grew their plants to be set into the garden when it got warm enough. Back then, you couldn’t go buy plants as we do today. My kids have the greenhouse at Greg and Karen’s.

So my day yesterday was enjoyed to the fullest. Burr mowed our yard and he and Ruth and Evonni came and visited. Evonni hadn’t been here for awhile and she is not five years old and is very pretty.

Devon visited over the weekend.

First of all let me apologize for not reviewing my news last week.

I may have misled some into thinking our Degase Reunion had been moved to Memorial Day. But in fact it is still the same time and same place as always. Saturday of Labor Day weekend and same place as last year. I hope you all were observant and forgave me already. I’m sorry!

And because I am so forgetful also let me congratulate all the graduates. My granddaughter, Nicole Robertson, now has her bachelor’s degree in accounting. Karen and Kasey went to graduation and I was a little unsure of my stamina so I stayed home. I am very proud of Nikki for she has worked and therefore does not have too large a student loan to pay back. She has always been an A student and is resourceful. Her father, Robert and family, her grandparents, Ed and Phyllis and her aunt Edwina and family all were also at graduation ceremonies.

It is Sunday and Burr just came by to tell me I missed a good service. Bub Coonts ministered to the church family. I was so happy for Lori and for Bub when I heard only a short time ago that Bub was saved. Now already the Lord is using him mightily.

Charlie came by this afternoon. He says he has been busy with gardening. Don Halpain had been to visit him and also Bill Williams and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Satterfield.

I talked to Candy Lane via’ telephone. She brightens my day.

Nicole Lucas came Friday and we spent the morning talking and catching up. She used to be my care given and she is still a good friend. Now that she no longer works for me she can bring her children to see me. I’ve heard so much about Chloe and Connor.

Jo picked me up Wednesday and we met our quilting friends in Ava and proceeded from there on our spring outing to Ozark where we all had dinner at Lamberts. They are famous for their “throwed rolls” and I actually caught a roll.

We had a most pleasant ride up and back with Alma driving and with Audrey, Jo and my great niece, Kelly Jo. She would say emphasize that “great” part. Kelly is a caring, happy, beautiful little girl and just graduated from high school. I wish for her a happy life and that she will stay in the right path with the Lord and the “good book” as her guide.

And may we all do the same is my prayer.