Little Creek

It has been a beautiful Sabbath day which happens to also be Mother’s Day.

Every mother deserves a day to be pampered and my special two days began Saturday when my kids came and prepared brunch which we all shared along with stories of days gone by. I enjoyed this special time so very much and as I watched them all doing their designated jobs I just silently thanked my Lord for His many blessings and for my kids and their families. Kim wasn’t able to be here, but the others here were Kevin Taber, Karen and Greg Evans with Nikki and Libby, “Burr” Kent Taber and Ruth with Paylie, Kasey Taber.

Today was another special day spent at church. Our lesson was very good, the singing glorious and the sermon was beneficial and well received. We missed several who were not present today.

Ruth is recuperating very well from surgery, but is finding that it takes time to get over such an ordeal. She sometimes over does things before she realizes.

We had prayer requests for so many of our friends and family who have various things to be prayed about. We had prayer requests for Ruth Taber, Jim and Jean Frye, Rusty Frye, Danny Dry, Jo Delp, Vickie Prock, the Hodges boy, Basil Miller, Greg Evans and other requests.

I appreciate my church family and Burl usually brightens my day with a compliment. Today he said, “You need to get back to writing the news because many of us look for that every week and you do have a fan club even if you don’t know it.” I appreciate it, Burl, and my fan club.

I received a letter from Betty Burton and her daughter, Lynda Hesterlee. They each sent pages to be added into my narrative of life in these hills of old Missouri. I enjoyed your contributions very much girls and appreciate it. I have 50 plus pages written waiting to be organized and typed. Jamie will type it for me and Karen will look into publication. Anyone wishing to send something to be included please do so and send to me at 369 County Road 838, Wasola, MO 65773.

My part of the book will be of Little Creek and those who lived on it. But anything about our people and the Ozarks will be appreciated.

If we do not put some things down on paper they will be lost and forgotten. After we’ve started this process we find so many things we’d like to remember are lost and forgotten as our loved ones have left us one by one.

Candy Lane, my dear friend, sent me a cd which we’ve all enjoyed so very much. It is of Aunt Audrie and Uncle Dude Degase, Shorty and Dottie Robertson, her parents and sweet cousin Angie and Dale’s wedding. Cassie McFarlin, as a toddler, my Mom, made the year before she died, Colleen Lakey and others. They are making copies for one another. The cd was put together by Candy and was made in the late 40’s and early 50’s part of it. I appreciate it. I love you.

Burr and Paylie spent one afternoon with me. Paylie and I watched cartoons for a short time and then we explored good smelling stuff and all my candles, and drew pictures. Paylie is one child who has no interest in the tv at all. She’d rather be doing other things. I had a delightful time with my little three year old great-granddaughter-in-law. And I remembered teaching Paylie’s grandmother, Eileen Jones Anderson at Clark long time ago.

We, Burr, Ruth, Paylie and I went to club Wednesday. I stayed and rode home with Alma Doty. I now have a quilt to hem. It is the raffle quilt for our family reunion and is a sampler quilt made up of blocks from all of our families. I always begin reminding everyone of the date which is Saturday of Memorial Day weekend as always. Same place, same time. Remember to start your craft items for the exchange. Love to see you all and I hope I will be up to it.

I owe an apology to Ruth Huffman. I was supposed to get Lorene’s number and post it last week and I neglected to do so. Ruth, the number is 1-417-683-2386 and I need your address. I don’t believe you gave it to me, but if you did, I have lost it. Am I right about you wanting the number? Ruth, my address is elsewhere and I’m looking forward to some things coming my way for my book.

Had a good talk with Lorene Maloney today. She and Debbie had gone out today to Cindy’s grave. I know she misses her daughter so much. My heart aches for Lorene.

Kasey was with Karen and Greg sorting plants in the greenhouse this week. He has his garden started and tilled again.

He visited Mitch, Leon and Colleen Lakey one weekend.

This day is warming fast and it’s time to put everything aside and rest and sleep to start another week tomorrow. I appreciate each tomorrow and I wish many good tomorrows for you, all my friends, good night!!